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    Black Screen

    Hi Do you see any of these screens in the safe mode?? Are you sure your in the safe mode!!
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    Black Screen

    Hi!I'm sorry. I'm not following you. When you go into the safe mode you just get a black screen??? Here's a link for your PC. There are trouble shooting suggestions and a user guide to help you. I need to know if your getting into the safe mode and if you can get into the recovery mode that is...
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    Solved: New router not connecting to computers

    Hi Was wondering if you contacted your ISP after installing your new router??
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    Black Screen

    Please post your make and model!! Can you get into the recovery mode from the safe mode and run a start up repair??
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    Black Screen

    Hi Are you saying you got into the recovery mode and you couldn't restore to a earlier time??
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    Cloning hard drive

    Hi Here's is all you need to know about Macrium Reflect! I's always good to create a back up image of your operating system. You are very welcome. Sorry I didn't mean to confuse you! I'm sure every thing will work out well for you!! PS Yes is is a real pain...
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    Cloning hard drive

    Hi! A Rig is a computer. Imaging is just another way to transfer your Operating System to a new and larger HD. If your repair store is doing this, why are you worried. I'm sure they will get the job done. I have lots of 3rd party software and that has never been a problem cloning or imaging. I...
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    Cloning hard drive

    That shouldn't be a problem. I use Macrium Reflect, but there are several good freeware imaging software out there. You might think about a imaging software after you get your Rig all set up the way you want it!!:up:
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    Cloning hard drive

    Hi Jay! Yes I have a comment. Why clone a drive that is working?? Why not create a image with a 3rd party image program. Install the new HD and restore the image to the new drive. There shouldn't be any problems. Screen savors were mention. I don't recommend screen savors. They are old school...
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    Bsod irql_not_less_or_equal

    Hi! Those temps look good to me. My fan is very quite and never runs over 50% Here's my temps! My Rig runs really cool!! I have a 4 year old Toshiba!!
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    make driver package member of administrators group

    Hi ! Are you the administrator?? You could try this, you will need administrator privileges!!
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    Black Screen

    Hi! Can you get into safe mode and restore to a earlier time, or maybe get to the Windows recovery mode and do a start up repair!!
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    Problem minimizing screen size

    What happens when you click F11 just once. Do you get a full screen or do you have tools bars and redX in the right corner!! Try tapping F11 and see if your screen chances!!
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    HDMI connection has stopped working

    Hi What do you see when you click the windows logo+P?? Here are 20 PC shortcuts!
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    Can't change default program

    Hi jozo! I'm very sorry,but I can no longer help you. Please see post#103. It seems I have confused you. I'm very sorry that I confused you. I only wanted to help you. I'm sure you will figure this all out and you will be just fine. Gary!!