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    Securing my wireless network

    Connect to your Linksys router by typing in it's IP address into your browser. I believe Linksys uses You should be able to go through the different screens and enable the encryptions along with other settings from there.
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    Password Protect folder

    Take a look at this... it's free (open source):
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    'My Computer' Changed...

    I heard that it could happen after installing a certain MS update... I forgot which one it was though.
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    ASPI Problems

    Try installing the latest ASPI drivers from Adaptec:
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    'My Computer' Changed...

    Have you tried this... go into your desktop properties and under the desktop tab, click on customize desktop. Next select the icon for my computer and click the restore default button.
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    Password Protect folder

    You will have to get a 3rd party tool for that... or just put a password on your profile and make it private.
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    2 Blank startup programs in MSConfig

    I see one blank entry when I used msconfig. Going into the registry under that key, there is a default entry which is blank. I wonder if that is what's showing up in msconfig.
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    BYIMHUDC Service?

    Does anyone know what BYIMHUDC service is? I'm using XP SP2 and found it as I was digging around in the services.
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    New user needs help...

    Just found out that serial ATA will be supported in Mandrake Linux 9.2.
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    New user needs help...

    I'm new to Linux and would like to install Mandrake 9.1. Below is my configuration that I would like to install it on: Asus P4C800-E Deluxe DDR400/875P (2) Seagate 80GB 7200RPM SATA (Raid 0) Sony DRU510A DVD+/-RW Toshiba 16X DVD ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB Creative Labs Audigy I'm...
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    Connecting to a share

    Recently I've been giving access (user account) to a NT4 stand alone server at work to access a shared folder. The server is part of a workgroup along with two other stand alone NT4 servers. I can map a network drive to the folder from my computer at work, but how do I go about connecting to...
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    Help! IP Address in Reverse Order

    Hi, I need some help! I'm using Windows XP Pro and when I ping "some" hosts it returns the IP address in reverse order, hence I can't connect. For example, when I ping it gives me (instead of the actual however when I ping...
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    Which is better... onboard LAN or PCI network card?

    Hi, I just know how crappy onboard video is compared to an actual Geforce card. Eventhough it's not really the same analogy, but I think you'll get what I'm asking. Would it make any difference in performance (hmm... network performance) if I use the onboard LAN or the Netgear PCI card...
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    2 cd drives - how do I know which it'll load from?

    Hi, I have two cd drives (cdrw as E and cdrom as F). I play all of my games from the cdrom, but one of my game doesn't work if it's loaded there. It says it can't find the cd. I have to load that game from the cdrw. But other games works fine when I put it in the cdrom. How does...
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    Network mapping problem... someone plz help... thx.

    I can't establish a trust because it's a workgroup. ********************** We have two separate networks, one local and another one in a different office building, and a three server workgroup (so I guess that makes 3 networks). The three server workgroup is in the same building as one...