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    AVG Antivirus 2011 Is A Rogue

    I always ensure that I download softwares from the original publishers web-sites rather than third party sites like (, softpedia, zdnet, fileforum etc.). This ensures the legitimacy of the file and also ensures that you always get the latest version.
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    Map network drive from web-hosting

    BUMP! Anyone?
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    Map network drive from web-hosting

    I wanted to know if its possible to map a folder from my web-hosting account as a drive on Windows 7. I know I can map an FTP folder - but that gets mapped as a folder and NOT as a drive. The reason why I want to map something as a drive is so that I can use it for cloud storage. Services...
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    Best option for Network Storage

    Thanks a ton for the link and suggestions, Mine is going to be mostly usual movie and mp3 files, not much HD content. And I want it more as a central storage so that I can copy and paste files to that from multiple computers.
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    Best option for Network Storage

    I do not have wireless N, but I have a traditional Linksys WRT54G router, would that work fine? Because if I have to use Ethernet Cables, then that defeats the whole purpose of having a network drive in the first place...
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    Best option for Network Storage

    Hi guys, I was looking for a way to store my files on the network so that they are accessible from multiple computers in my home network. What do you recommend as the best option? I have heard of Western Digital My Book World Edition which is capable of doing this. I wanted to know if this is...
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    Solved: Vista Task Scheduling

    For all those who are really frustrated with the Windows Vista Task Scheduler, I just found a solution to my problem. There is a software called System Scheduler by Splinterware and well, it is simple and it works efficiently. Am giving the link here for anyone who wants to download it... They...
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    Solved: Vista Task Scheduling

    Hey fairnooks, I didnt quite get it... Did u revert your OS to XP or have you somehow managed to use the XP scheduler on vista??? Well, in any case let me know, if there are any freeware/open source utilities you are aware of which are as good as the XP scheduler...
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    Solved: Vista Task Scheduling

    Well, I really wish it was that simple :) Thats the first thing I tried... but its just not working... I checked out all the options - enabled "Run with highest privileges" Disabled "Run only when user logged on" But its not working.... I was scrounging the web for information and seems...
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    Solved: Vista Task Scheduling

    I was trying to schedule a router reboot task everyday at midnight on my computer that runs Windows Vista... Now I tried using the built-in Task scheduler but its becoming extremely complicated for me (I'm getting very nostalgic about the XP Task scheduler). What I want to do is to run a .bat...
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    Firefox Proxy Authentication

    I have a peculiar problem with Firefox 3 (latest version) In my office I am behind a proxy for browsing which requires a username and password. I enter the password and ask Firefox to remember it. But every now and then it repeatedly asks me to re-enter the password and username (both are...
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    No right channel sound (iPod)

    I am not sure if this is the right forum for this but I am suddenly having some problems with my iPod. Just thought I'll find out someone here knows anything about it. All of a sudden there is no sound in my iPod right channel. Its not a problem with the headphones as they work fine on my...
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    Truly free online video file converter

    I can;t tell you an online converter but you can always use the software SUPER which is completely free and has got multiple file formats available for conversion. Just google SUPER and you'll find the website to download it from..
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    Slipstream xp-sp3

    I came across this, dont know if this is what you are looking for:
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    A free program for ONLY cutting/joining MP3s?

    Dont know about a free program, but an excellent program that i use is called mp3TrackMaker. Had bought it ages ago, so I dont know how much it costs now. Here's the link: