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    Solved: Vizio LCD TV--- No Picture, No Sound

    I replaced the power supply from the 2nd TV and it works fine.
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    Solved: Vizio LCD TV--- No Picture, No Sound

    Vizio VO47LFHDTV10A-B No Picture, No Sound I have my TV connected through a Sony A/V receiver for sound and HDMI switching. I was watching TV and switched to my computer. When I switched back it looked like the 2 video streams were on top of each other. I sure the receiver is bad, and I'm...
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    Solved: Raid setup 2

    Thanks everyone for you help :hiya: I been looking and I see there is a difference of software and hardware raid. something to think about. Maybe I'll buy a good hardware card. I was mainly thinking about running the O/S on the VelociRaptor drive for reliablity. Other planed specs include...
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    Solved: Raid setup 2

    High Everyone; I have a Asus P5K Premium board and will be running Vista Ultimate. My southbridge controler has 6 sata ports and supports raid 0, 1, 5, and 10. My question is: Can I use 3 ports in a raid setup (for storage and backup), 1 for the O/S and the other 2 for Blu-Ray drive etc...
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    RAID Setup

    Hi everyone; I'm putting together a new system. I have a Asus P5k Black Pearl board that has 6 SATA ports. I was wondering if I could make 3 of the ports raid 5 (with 1 tb Seagate drives) and 1 port with my O/S. I am thinking of running a 300gb VelociRaptor for my O/S drive. Does this sound...
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    Dual boot -XP and WHS

    Has anyone done a dual boot with Windows XP and Windows Home Server ?
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    USB hub freezes computer

    I ran across this the other day. Maybe it will help. Here is the link to the page with the link to the tool. _________________________________________________ The hassle: USB devices usually play nicely. But every...
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    Video Card Out ?

    I recently built a Home Enterainment PC with a ATI Radeon X1950 card. I would like to know which output will be better to go to my 42" HDTV LCD TV ? My TV has HDMI and PrPbY componet inputs and my video card has DVI and HDTV outputs. Is there an advantage of using one over the other ? Right now...
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    Power supply for HIS X1950 PRO IceQ 3 Turbo 512MB/256MB AGP (Rev.2)

    Thanks for the info It was hard to give up the Bling, but I went with the Antec. Be Cool dysart22
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    Power supply for HIS X1950 PRO IceQ 3 Turbo 512MB/256MB AGP (Rev.2)

    I would like to know the best power supply for this card? HIS X1950 PRO IceQ 3 Turbo 512MB/256MB AGP (Rev.2) I don't know if a single 12 volt rail with 30+ amps or a dual rail with 17amp and 18amps? :rolleyes: This is the one I'm looking at, Ultra ULT31852 X2 X-Connect 550W Power Supply...
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    Radeon X1950Pro + Windows MCE

    I would like to know if the ATI Radeon X1950Pro is compatable with Windows Media Center 2005? I am building a media center PC. I have a Asus P4P800-E motherboard with AGP slot. I also have a AVer media MCE 500 dual tuner card and was planing on getting a AVerTVHD MCE A180 for HD output to...
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    Turning off TV crashes computer

    I have a 42" Phillips HDTV LCD connected to a HTPC that I built. Asus P4P800E motherboard, P4 3,00, Nvidia 6200 video card(256mb), running Windows Media Center O/S, Media Lab VFD w/remote, 2 gigs of RAM, AverMedia Dual TV Tuner, two 320gb Seagate drives, PC is connected from the DVI on the...
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    Bluetooth Radio Power

    I have a Toshiba laptop with XP Home. I'm having problems getting my bluetooth going. When I go to bluetooth settings, Click to open the options box, and under the General tab there is a box that says Bluetooth Radio Power. In that box it says "Radio is disabled" In the device manager, under...