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  • Eddie, I somehow missed this message. Is it too late to finish any last details to make sure my computer is OK?

    BTW, I use Avast Internet Security software, and when I logged in here, I got a pop up notice from Avast that the software had blocked a harmful virus. ??? A tiny bit unsettling....

    Thanks, Eddie!!


    Deni S.
    Eddie, I am still waiting to hear back from you. Somehow my acct. was unactivated, but it seems to be working again.

    I am hopeful you can get back on, look at the last log, and tell me where I go from here! THANKS, Eddie!
    hey man can you help me again pleas the last time you was the best pleas look at my new poste
    Good morning Eddie,
    I am very happy to have your help on this computer-TVmagic232.

    I was unable to get a log file after I ran the combofix file.
    I have contact the combofix instructions for manually connecting the internet.
    It was not able to be connected to the internet.
    I am considering reinstalling windows 7.
    What would eddie do?
    Thanks Jim
    sir, i'll be more than pleased if you could continue to help me out on the same thread as you are right now. but i hope that the problem of the welcome screen taking forever to load up gets sorted out. thanks again for replying

    Thank you so much for replying to my thread. I just found your post this morning. I will get this done and post a reply later. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your initial reply. The instructions your gave me are clear and easy to follow. That means a lot for me because I have little to no experience troubleshooting PC problems.
    Just a quick note to thank you for your sustained efforts on my behalf.
    The machine is now running very well. I have also learned quite a bit along the way (in spite of being 80 yrs old and retired for 19 yrs !).
    Good luck and thanks again.
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