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  • Dear Eggplant:

    I would request you to remove your posting at:

    The case involving KS spans the years1996-2000 and defendants too would like to move on without lingering opinions about their past cases lingering on the internet. Also, for reasons unique to the defendant in this case, KS, there is severe social stigma in his community, involving criminal conduct (even if it dates more than 10 years ago between 1996-2000, as in this case). Sriram has not had a single incident of fraud after 2000 for the last 10 years and has reformed. I know you have right the right to post what you want but hope you will understand the severe East Indian cultural stigma of a long bygone conduct of a defendant.

    I can only request your indulgence in a very special circumstance.

    Brad Bolerjack
    I'm reading' your uncivilized debate posts thinkin'...we couldn't be further apart. Then I read some more and one of life's truest maxims begins to reveal itself again. If you live long enough eventually you're gonna find that you've got something in common with everybody. In this case it's more than just bein' Libras, seems we're cousins of a sort. Aubergine and capsicum by way of the family tree that is.Love the cheese site and I'm makin' the cauliflower dish tonight, looks moi yum. :)

    Manic OCD gardener here. Got me a couple of grants to study intensive wide row cropping, a variety of mulching techniques and early season harvesting techniques that I try to share with the local organic farmers.

    Our best study year we grew 240 varieties of capsicums, 160 varieties of tomatoes, eight different aubergines, thirty different summer squash and a wide sampling of potatoes, cole crops, alums and greens. :eek:

    Present project is a hydroponic backyard garden that doubles as a bog/biological filter for a striped bass aquaculture pond. Organic protein and veggies right at your back door.

    Been pretty sick lately so everything's kinda on hold 'till hopefully next spring. Gettin' old ain't fer pussies. Anyway, just wanted to throw ya a line. I know we don't agree a whole lot but we're really not that different. Have a great day. - Jamie :D
    Hey there, Mr. Bruce! :) Long time, no chat! ;) Hope that all is well! Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that you were in my thoughts. Best wishes and keep in touch, friend! -Sarah
    Bruce ... I've come to this message every day since you posted it .... it makes me happy and proud that you think me worthy of reading. :)
    I used it as a source of strength when I couldn't rely on my own a few times this week. :eek:
    I too am totally fed up with medical this and that, poking and prodding and so on ... it's just "old" now, but I guess it goes with the territory, healthy-ish or not. :(
    Things are not going well for my middle son and I.
    He's already gotten himself into serious trouble and I'm close to washing my hands of it and leaving him to the authorities. :(
    I blame myself, too ... if only I hadn't been either sick or an emotional wreck through most of his life, things may have been different ... he acted the strong one, but it appears, in hindsight, that he was the one that needed the most care. Living and learning at my children's expense. :(
    Well, that's enough griping and whining for now. ;)
    I'll be in touch when I can, Bruce...
    I'm honoured to be counted among your friends, and I wish you the very best in your health and future endeavors.(y)
    Peace, Brotha

    Carolyn :)
    Hello, Bruce. I miss you, too but do try to keep up with your and others' posts, here when I can. :)

    Da Prince is spending his 2nd 4 day weekend in as many months in Montreal, visiting a friend. I think he's preparing me for his eventual escape from da palace and believe I'm losing him to another Queen :p but am trying to roll with it. ;)

    I'm currently enduring radiation for blobby things that have developed about my brain, and therapy for one recently removed from behind my eye socket.
    What a trip that was: through da schnoz and wide awake (at my insistance).
    *swallows back a little vomit at the thought*:eek:

    Otherwise, "things" here are busy and good and bad, depending on the time of day ... and whether I've worked that day or not (I'm also looking for another job - the one I have is doing me in) but I'm again trying to roll with it, pushing up sand castle walls when the situation warrants it and using my royal Might as needed (put on or real, it's the perception at the receiving end that counts, eh).

    This past weekend was been spent negotiating the return of my middle lad, now 17 who was kicked out kust over 2 years ago. If he would only apply himself accademically, he'd be a fine lawyer.
    Mr. Make-A-Deal has nothing on me now, because this time I'm not having it. If he can't find a way to fit into this familial society of mine, he knows where he can go. That may sound harsh but hugs and understanding and 2nd, 3rd and sometimes 4th chances got us nowhere; tough love is all I have time for, now.:(

    I'll forward your regards on Tuesday, when I see da Prince and hope you kick the chit out of your current health issue.(y)
    You. Da Man. :cool:
    As always,
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