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    Script error.

    The error message is telling you where your problem is: within the preg_replace statement. You should look at your variables being passed to this function. Try printing out $replace_word, $replace_replacedby, and $buffer, each on their own line, and make sure they look like what you think they...
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    Solved: Best Web Development Software Under $500?

    When you do eventually need a decent scripting environment, I've used Aptana for many years. It's free and works great for my needs.
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    order listing in tables

    colin... I'd be interested to know the problem you had. All my sites use dynamically generated tables, and really that shouldn't matter (unless they are asynchronous updates I suppose). The only problems I've had with this plugin is when there is any special formatting of the data in the table...
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    order listing in tables

    A really easy way to sort on any table column is to use the jquery plugin tablesorter. Note that you have to break your table into the sections <thead> and <tbody>, but this plugin can vastly simplify your life when implemented. Sorting is done on the client side, so you can populate the table...
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    Solved: My webpage is crashing Firefox but not IE why?

    No problems here on FF 16.0.2. If I understand the original question, you have an alias ( that points to another site. You are only getting a crash when you use the alias. Sounds like you need to clear your browser cache in FF.
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    Solved: trouble with apache rewrite

    Hard to say with the information given. I would try to troubleshoot whether your rewrite rule is being used (check your server logs, for example... they are your friend!), and if so then do some troubleshooting within your timestamp.php code (again, server logs can be a wealth of information).
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    Solved: Using $_SESSION variables

    Using $_REQUEST can be a security risk if you use it blindly... for example form data that you assume is coming from $_POST (or $_COOKIE, for that matter) but instead is sent with malicious intent by $_GET could get you some unexpected results (think SQL injection). If you are doing anything...
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    display all images in a folder - help needed

    glob will not work on remote servers. You will have to set $dir to be a local directory on your server to work. Alternatively, use JiminSA's script, changing the <a href> tags to <img> tags to get what you want.
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    Solved: HTML email

    One gotcha that I ran into had to do with images. I never tried composing messages with inline images, instead images are referenced in the same way html pages are coded (i.e., <img src="">). The gotcha that I ran into is if you reference an image on a secure server...
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    Solved: Firing an event which wakes up dormant php script.

    Chris, great links! Thanks for sharing, these look very interesting.
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    What is a url handler

    While there are a few options about how to implement this, I suspect it is *not* a php script, but instead a redirect at the web server level, for example an apache redirect permanent command in the apache config files or in an .htaccess script. This is produces a 301 HTTP status to the client...
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    Advice needed. New to site? YES Any tech knowledge? None what so ever.

    To be fair, I felt the same way you did for a long time. I can do these things and enjoy it a lot... no one would ever confuse me for a professional, but I very could happily spend hours tweaking a site. After a while, though, I had to admit that there were other aspects of my business that...
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    Advice needed. New to site? YES Any tech knowledge? None what so ever.

    I could not disagree more. Of course you can build a site in a few minutes using any number of techniques. I could also cut my own hair, re-wire the electrical system of my home, install a pool in my backyard, and manage the books for my business. I would be completely foolish to do any of...
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    Solved: Firing an event which wakes up dormant php script.

    If I'm understanding your question correctly, this can be accomplished with asynchronous connections between the client and server, i.e. ajax. Basically your popup script can generate a request back to the server (via javascript sending a GET or POST request) to a background php script that can...
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    php questions

    So you have 2 separate databases? 1. Database 1 name="form", contains a single table named "form1" 2. Database 2 name="form1", contains a table named "table" Wow. What god-awful names. That is way too confusing, I would suggest better names. Why 2 different databases? In any case, the error...