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Jul 8, 2003
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Male, 68, from Eugene, Oregon

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    1. Ltangelic
      Aye, yes I'm here to learn about these forums. Do correct me if I have posted anything inappropriate. :)
    2. AndrewJones
      Hi like your profile.Doing Well.
    3. chris1474
      why cant I use an img in my sig?
    4. ekim68
      Yep, I'm transferring them now and some are good and some aren't. I think what I'll do is make a collage from this summer and post them on a link. I'll let you know...:up:
    5. poochee
      Are you going to post some?
    6. ekim68
      Got some pictures. Obviously since I took them, most won't turn out. Even with a digital I have a heavy hand...:eek:
    7. poochee
      Yes, you have said it is beautiful. Glad you and the family had a nice weekend! I figured you had taken a vacation, but had to check.:D
    8. ekim68
      Hey poochee, all is good. Went to the coast, Yachats, for the weekend with the family and two dogs. Just got back a couple hours ago. What a blast. Did I ever tell you the Oregon coast is beautiful? ;)
    9. poochee
      Hi, haven't seen you around for a couple of days. Just hoping all is well.
    10. adsullivan
    11. ekim68
      Thank you Farmgirl. Those look yummy and I've bookmarked them. I've even started cooking bread on the barbecue. With just one burner on and the hood down I can keep it at a steady 350 degrees. Just have to keep them on the top rack. During the summer it gets too hot to turn the oven on...;)
    12. Farmgirl22
      A couple of recipes I thought might appeal to you.....just because you love to bake. :)

      Savory breakfast rolls

      Soft wheat sandwich bread

      Enjoy! :)
    13. gyrgrls
      "You don't look that short, BTW, happy birthday..."

      Thank you.

      I live in a small town of 650 people,
      but I have two friends who were born
      on June 06. One works the Loleta
      Market, and the other is the postmaster.
      Both are females, ironically enough, and
      one of them is "Kim".

      I gotta get outta here. I'm working graveyard.
      The reason I PM'd you, is the thread is getting

      ...more later. Gotta run. ;)
    14. ekim68
      Thank you..I'll look at it...
    15. blitzkreig
      the user name plus the about me section gives me suspicion.
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