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Male, 68, from Eugene, Oregon

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    1. blitzkreig
    2. Wino
      Thanks for the wishes. Not sure what the perfect age may be, but feel nirvana is just around the corner.:p
    3. valley
      Forgetfulness is just another reminder of how full our lives are. :) You are my first Christmas greeting on TSG. :D I hope you have a great holiday too, my friend. I miss you! *hugs* :)
    4. BanditFlyer
    5. valley
    6. valley
    7. grngal
      Hi Ekim, it's been a long time, I think. I hope that you & your family are doing well? I've been on a much needed vacation. Aaaah. I'm so sorry that it seems we lost Ben, his words were nothing but a pleasure. Mum's back in the UK, her Dad passed & there are things to do .. as usual, life is hard .. but for once .. life is good .. thank you for your help .. and for your your friendship .. much love to you all .. xx .. greeengal
    8. valley
      Thats wonderful, Mike. I cant wait to hear it...Ben would be so tickled, lol! :):up:
    9. valley
      Hi back atcha Mike! :)
    10. valley
    11. valley
      Thanks. Summer has been good to us here. We are incredibly busy too. We are in the process of replacing a bedroom floor, bathroom floor, one wall separating the two, along with a carpet and tile for both rooms, paint jobs etc..and we are also putting a new wood stove on the porch and hooking it directly into the duct of the furnace so we can heat the house with wood this year, using the furnace only at night....so you can imagine the work involved in all of that! We were going to tear our fireplace out and put the wood stove inside instead but just tonight, we decided to go with the outdoor stove. Its cleaner, safer and more efficient. And I dont have to worry about the baby accidentally getting burned around it! :):up:

      Mike..have you heard anything on Ben? I know he is still recovering from his surgery and I am worried that he might be back in the hospital again. If you know of anyone who might know..please drop me a note?

      Good to hear from you. :)

    12. valley
    13. aarhus2004
      Mike, good to have your words. And to confirm how important sign-posts are - when Britain was threatened with invasion early in the 1940s one of the first defensive measures taken was to make the sign-posts lie! On learning, soon after the conflict ended, that this had been done, we kids were delighted.:D

      Please use the words addressed to you cos they are no longer mine.

      Shakespeare had this to say about music.
      "If music be the food of love - play on...".

      Thanks, Mike.

    14. aarhus2004
      Hello Mike, Thanks to Valley I now know how to do this.

      Good to know you are experiencing some ripples:D my trouble is that I love storms and so create those.

      As for teenagers it's tougher for them to make the transition to maturity than it is for men in their prime to adapt to being old. How do I justify that? The lifetime involved is how. The speed of the changes for the youngsters is far greater & the time 'allowed' far less. And there are no guarantees of a successful process. The effects felt are powerful and scary. This from one who never had the experience!! Either of teenage grandsons or growing-up.:D

      I gave up work as soon as I devised the means. I was 58 - close to those pensions, slightly (I hope) insane and far happier out of the world. I had improbable ambitions - they are very safe to have. I still have them.

      Are these message accessible by all and sundry? I don't know and don't care a great deal.

      It is good to share, Mike. No matter what. It's another art form. After all your music reflects the sharing of your life and your thinking about it.

      My teeth are struggling one by one to leave my mouth - they want retire too, I guess:D. I am a shockingly good example to any passing youngsters who stare at me. I smile at them and they can see the mouth full of tooth-wrecks and rocky crags.

      Old folk are signposts for the kids. And important as such. They look and see so very hard and well. I bet your granson observes you and all he sees is duly noted. No judgement just plain old noticing.

      57 is a curious age, yes? The anteroom to being elevated to the peerage of antiquity. Very disconcerting cos we didn't get asked - just told.

      I was writing to my son just before coming here and he was expressing some surprise at his being 48 in two days. All I have is the experience at 73 of something peculiar to me but in general terms common to us all I suppose it is a kind of bowing-down, with dignity, to the inescapable fact of our mortality. I may bow with dignity but feel like kicking the cat softly in a sort of rage.

      My old dad, was, as were many of his generation, concerned with his legacy. I recall hearing him report on obituaries of folk he knew. Men. In those days, in postwar Britain, obits would also include the amount of cash the deceased had left. Thus it was my dad thought, that in the 'essential' way, he was a failure. Thus our society puts burdens on us. Today's is no different. We are expected - blah blah blah.

      Let's not call these gems of frankness rants, Mike. They only qualify as ranting if we tend to repeat them over and over.

      Here's to frankness and concern. And pleasure in the sharing.:up:

    15. poochee
      Happy Father's Day!!:)
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