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Male, 68, from Eugene, Oregon

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    1. valley
      Happy Father's Day, Mike! :)
    2. kristin1321
      hey i seen that you replied to my post about me earasing my cd burner but i cant read your reply. so what should i do?about the burner i mean?
    3. ekim68
      Have a good night, poochee...;)
    4. poochee
      Just stopping by to say hello and have a good evening. I'm on my way out.
    5. Bastiat
      Frankly, I haven't spent the time figuring out how the new system/software upgrade works.
    6. poochee
      About your friend...That is wonderful news! I am very happy for her.:)

      What you did for her is very nice, and she will treasure the memory.
    7. poochee
      You have friends too. LOL
    8. ekim68
      Hi valley...I think if we hit the 'view conversation' below we can be more quickly informed, but I'm not sure...I'm such a scatterbrain. I used to try more things out, but.....
      Yep, we are A Bunch of Old Guys..With help from our friends...We have a lot of people coming in and out of our music...Such as the Guyettes, who are sisters and have wonderful voices....Here is a song from each:
      And, BTW, those dancing girls are our fans...:up:
      We do have a good life...;)
    9. valley
      Mike!!! I am just seeing your message right now! When you leave a message on your own profile, it stays there and does not go to mine. I just happened to wander over to see if you were up to anything new and saw your message here from 4 days ago! I'm sorry if you thought I was ignoring you! I just hadnt seen it.

      I love the clip and the kids going in and out of the shot. Are you really called "a bunch of old guys" ? :D My dad's band is called "the country gentlemen" Their bass player is 85 years old and he is still just as nimble on his guitar as he was 70 years ago (so he says! ;))

      It looks like you all have so much fun together! :)
    10. ekim68
      Back again..Kudos to your dad, valley...That's been my dream, too. I'm not as active playing live as I used to be, but I still have a lot of fun with music. I put together a little studio and I'm online in there so I can perform for my grandkids...But, when I'm with the guys, this is what we looked like last year..Please excuse the quality, it was shot with a small canon digital camera..
    11. ekim68
      Hello poochee, welcome....Here it is almost 8:00 and I'm checking in....Long days, or should I say daze lately...;)

      Hey valley, I'm gonna listen to those tunes on better speakers a little later. Thanks.
    12. poochee
      Hello there Ekim and friends!:)
    13. valley
      I had so much fun listening to your songs! I love the lyrics of the second one especially! :):up: They gave me happy feet! :D Lukey was dancing to the first one..but sitting in time-out for the second....dont ask! :o

      You are one talented fella, Mike! Do you play too? I dont know if you ever saw me talking about this in the forums or not but my dad has been in a band for over 50 years! He started playing when he was a teenager and now he is 68 and still going strong with 2 other guys. They play just about every weekend..sometimes at senior citizen complexes, sometimes at Moose Clubs and every now and then, they hire themselves out for parties too. They play old country and my dad is on lead guitar and sings too. I was raised in a musical atmosphere so I really appreciate hearing other people who play or sing. :)

      If you're interested..here is a video clip of my brother Dave singing at my house 4 years ago http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5APOtrohmsQ

      And my daughter Emily singing the states 2 years ago..she is so embarrassed by this video! :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzmj-ReH5RI
    14. valley
      by the way...I also noticed that the text is smaller than it used to be! I have to hit the zoom button on my keyboard when I come...and then change it back when I go to any other site....the forums are buggy, I tell ya! http://photobucket.com/albums/v469/valley20/th_grumpy.gif


      keep on singing Mike..or whatever it is that you are doing with that music of yours. ;)
    15. valley
      Thanks Mike! I get the best of both worlds having a toddler and teens at the same time, I think. It doesnt seem possible that in 5 years, one of them will be starting her first year of college and another will be starting first grade! :eek: I love the fact that my "good ole days" will still be here when I am old and gray! :D
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