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    1. aarhus2004
      So this is a conversation twixt thee and me.

      Mike, I am such a simpleton and you are a duck in water. This is tech, it is social tech and you are a social techy.:D

      I write to myself and somehow you find out!!. It is a good thing I am a bachelor because if my thoughts can be read in ether they certainly would be easily read in the kitchen/bathroom/bedroom of home-space.

      This reply text I swear has shrunk with the updated forum styles etc. One more shrinkage and I shall retreat to a non-natter monastery.

      Were you singing earlier, Mike? I could hear sounds of far away melodies.


    2. ekim68
      Wow, thanks valley. I finally figured it out...I just check on me...What an odd thought...But I don't have a problem for everyone viewing, or else I wouldn't post it....;)
    3. ekim68
      Hi valley, still getting used to this. Ben says things in a cool way. Most poetic, IMO...
      I've been trying to be responsible lately so I haven't had as much time here as I'd like. (Mostly responsible in regards to a few songs I HAVE to finish, rather than frequent CD.) ;)
    4. valley
      Mike....I dont think Ben (who happens to be a dear man! ;)) realizes that visitor messages can be seen by all.

      Or maybe he and I just happen to be friends with the same people so we run into each other in their visitor messages! Ben....if you stop by Ekim's profile...we must stop meeting this way! :D;)
    5. aarhus2004
      How did you get here, val? have you a hooter to tell you people may be talking in your circle? Ben xx
    6. aarhus2004
      Hello Mike,

      But I haven't done that and when you wrote me I got the notify in the former and still, but not now only, PMs pop-up corner. But had I not been using I.E.7 and had tabs open I guess your method would reach me wherever I was browsing except I don't check that email very often.

      This is primitive stuff - not enough bells, whistles and hoots perhaps!! Cheers, Mike. Ben (saving page space)!
    7. valley
      Hey Mike! LOL....dont worry, you'll get the hang of this friend thing in no time! :D *huggles*
    8. aarhus2004
      So what's this for? Blimey I grow thicker minute by minute on XP. and the new TSG!!!!
    9. aarhus2004
      Hello Mike,

      I still am not sure how to do it. For instance your message I got on my profile is not going to generate a notification as will (I hope) this one if I were to reply to there rather than here but if I forget here what you said there I may sound like a fool! Maybe we copy the original message before pasteing it in this one??

      Cheers. Ben.
    10. aarhus2004
      Hello Mike, Yes, diffferent and public and it's a curiosity. I have lots of (6 or 8) avatars of members - how did they get there I don't know. Can we view Profiles if not signed in?

      I even replied to myself at first :D


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