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    Weirdest IDE detection issues ever

    I got a computer from a friend and for the first time I'm completely stumped when it comes to the IDE detection phase during bootup. The first time I booted it up, it detected all 3 devices just fine. A DVD Burner, DVD Rom, and 60GB HD. When it came time to boot up the WinXP installation CD...
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    Dreamweaver MX Help

    You could use javascript to resize the user's window but there's the chance a popup killer or even the user may not like it. Using javascript you could also detect the viewer's resolution and load a corresponding frameset page to keep everything centered but that could be tedious. Using Flash...
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    How can I make this watchable on a DVD player

    If you're using a CDR/W burner, you may have better luck burning it as an .AVI. VCD and SVCD aren't very common, especially in the newer players but standard .AVI video will usually play just fine as long as the player isn't too old. If you're burning onto DVD, use the DVD-R format since it's...
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    Problem Installing Zone Alarm Pro Upgrade

    The True Vector service is a major component of ZoneAlarm. Basically, it's saying you can't upgrade the program while it's in use. The easiest way to access the service manager is to select 'Run' from the start menu, then type 'services.msc' and press enter. Find any service mentioning...
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    CD Labels/Printing?

    The labels you have, are they 8.5x11 sheets with two labels per page? And is the program you're using to print the labels made for the job? If so, sometimes the label design software will have a bunch of templates and all you need to do is load the one you're using. The code might be in the...
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    How to turn off Auto shutdown

    You can stop that auto shutdown by first opening a command prompt (Windows key + R, or 'Run' from the start menu, then type 'cmd' and press enter) Then type 'shutdown /a' without the quotes of course. If your system is infected and you need time to download a diagnostic and removal tool, you...