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    Free website builder

    This is what 000webhost will let you do.
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    Free website builder

    Yes you would, they offer a free website builder service but they also offer you FTP access where you can upload whatever content you like.
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    Free website builder

    If you want to design your website from scratch using html you need a free web hosting provider such as
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    System process tying to internet drops?

    To look at number 3 on that list open the control panel (hit the windows key and type control panel then press enter) > click system and security and then click system which should take you to a window that looks like this. You can then follow on from the step that says "Advanced system...
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    If you have issues with videos and gifs after Nvidia update

    Hi All, After pulling my hair out for ages I finally managed to resolve the problem I was having where when loading a video or animated gif image from the web the first 2-3 seconds of it would be pixellated and have artifacts over it. This started occurring after an Nvidia Geforce Experience...
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    Free website builder

    Have you tried
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    VPN/Router Problems

    Hi ALguy, I'm from the UK so don't have any experience with ATT and the hardware they give you however I had a similar problem trying to connect to my work's VPN after a router upgrade, it was an option I had to enable as PPTP was disabled by default for security reasons and it wouldn't...
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    Windows 10 Audio Dual Split

    I assume that you wont want audio playing from the TV at the same time as your speakers playing audio from the game? If this is the case simply connect both audio outputs to the PC and press the speaker icon on the task bar, press the current audio device and then choose the one you want to use...
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    Dell inspiron 15-5547 i7, 8gb RAM - low fps. Solution?

    May be too late now as you haven't had an update to this thread in a while (probably as this is posted in the wrong section) however the laptop probably has switchable graphics options to save power (I had a dell with this and it was a nightmare!) Try visiting AMDs website and running their...
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    is an old tablet on wifi a vulnerability?

    For home use I wouldn't bat an eyelid, for a weather station at your desk in a military base, hospital or bank, i'd probably think twice just incase. (y)
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    Can there be a security threat with a new mouse?

    To purchase these cheap eBay mice through a middle man for 1 unit is approximately $1.8. I can only assume that these eBay versions are being drop shipped or sold directly from...
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    Hyperx Fury 8gb 1600 running at 1333

    That makes sense, I also investigate minor issues when I have nothing to do just for fun, but in my case with my ram and Gigabyte motherboard I had to settle for 2133mhz even though it's rated to 3000mhz as it isn't worth the time trying to sort it out as the performance gains are minimal.
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    Antivirus ware

    Hi Rose, Windows 8.1 does come with Windows Defender so don't panic this will do the job for now however third party software does seem to get higher scores so if you feel more comfortable using Avast you can get the free edition directly from their website or if you want to save time you can...
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    Unable to access Firefox after clicking REFRESH FIREFOX

    The fact a Firefox window appeared saying your PC was running slow sounds to me like a trick to get you to download a virus and that there is now a good chance you have malware on your PC. First thing to do is stop using the PC completely for now to be on the safe side Second thing to do is...
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    Hyperx Fury 8gb 1600 running at 1333

    If you are upgrading in the near future is it worth the headache trying to resolve this now as you will barely notice a difference between 1333 and 1600? (You probably won't notice any difference what-so-ever) However, it may be a problem with Gigabyte motherboards as even with XMP enabled my...