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    Google Search Tool: Drop down list

    * I have the Google toolbar in my internet explorer; please tell me how to clean the bar of the searches I make using its search tool, if it's possible. i know that the Search Box drop down list on the Google page can be deleted one by one, but i haven't been able to figure out how to do...
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    Pop Ups in Windows XP

    i assume that XP Home is similar to XP Pro, and if so it has a built-in Firewall that you can enable: To enable or disable Internet Connection Firewall Open Network Connections Click the Dial-up, LAN or High-Speed Internet connection that you want to protect, and then, under Network Tasks...
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    My apologies. i was in my XP OS when i gave the above remarks and i didn't realize that they don't exist in Win98. (Another advantage to XP i guess.)
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    If the icon is a "Shortcut" icon: Right-click on it and choose Properties. Under the Shortcut tab go down to "Comment" and put in anything you want. Then if you ever forget what it was for you simply repeat the procedure so that you can view what your comment was. If the icon is a...
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    Retrieve Your Product Key Number

    In AIDA32 v3.50 you find the product key by going down to and clicking on Operating System then clicking on the Operating System file therein.
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    See your house from space

    An interesting view of the world at night: Hold cursor over bottom right corner of map and click on icon that will appear to get more detailed view.
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    xp and HP

    You might also run Ad-Aware to see if you've got a lot of junk on your computer. Ad-aware removes spyware and it's FREE! Go to the above link and click on "Ad-aware" under the SOFTWARE heading on the left side of the screen to read more info about it...
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    Some Install and Setup wont run

    Make sure that you have closed all other programs before you try installing a program! You might also try running Ad-Aware on your computer (it's free) and make sure you aren't overloaded with bogus stuff. Ad-aware removes spyware and it's FREE! Go to...
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    New XP, New Outlook, Folders won't transfer

    i just recently had to transfer files from OE in Win 98 to OE in XP. i can't seem to find the cheat sheet i used to transfer files, but they go into a different folder in XP than in 98 and probably ME. The way to find out where you should be putting them is to make one in XP and find out...
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    When reinstalling Windows, are all files deleted?

    i may be wrong, but if win 2000 is installed like win 98, you don't lose any of your files like doc files IF you are simpling reinstalling 2000 on top of the 2000 that's already there. i also don't know whether reinstalling over 2000 will erase the win 2000 file that has the passwords or not.
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    Doesn't Save Desktop Changes

    i don't know what to do about your toolbars but a nifty FREE program that lets you save your Desktop Icon layout and restore it when something messes with it: Icon Restore 1.0 It works on 95 through XP. i've got it on my 98 and XP systems...
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    PDF Files

    i use Acrobat Reader for my PDF viewing. To find specific text on a page hit "Ctrl + F"
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    Best download accelerator?

    i've been using DAP for quite some time and don't have any problems with it. i've not heard that it had spyware with it and don't recall it ever showing up when i run AdAware.
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    Your favorite utilites?

    Three of my favorites (which are free) that i use daily are: PopUpStopper ieSpell Checker A FREE Spell Checker for Internet Explorer -- lets you check your spelling before submitting your Questions, Answers or other information...
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    Internet Explorer 6- Unwanted Adult Ads

    Thanks for the link compilerxp, i have now downloaded it.