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    Mac computer cannot recognize Snow Leopard Install CD

    Ah, yeah. If you look at my post on July 11 (third in this thread), you will see that I identified the problem.
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    Mac computer cannot recognize Snow Leopard Install CD

    Snow Leopard requires Intel processor. You have a PPC processor which means it will not install nor work on your computer.
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    I recently bought an Apple Macbook with MacOS. Can I fully reformat to Windows OS or

    Just to be clear, you cannot reformat the entire hard drive to run Windows. As DomCru noted, you can partition and put Windows on one partition through Boot Camp; you still need OS X to start up and run Windows. Or you can buy a virtualization program (Parallels or VM Fusion) which allows you to...
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    iCal google cal sync

    At one time Google provided Calaboration for the synch, but now recommends a different approach: Sync Google Cal and iCal
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    Using MAIL

    Howdy. What is your operating system? What version of Mail? Can you provide a screen shot? Click Shift + CMD (apple) + 4 to get a screen capture.
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    Solved: mackeeper

    Check out these comments from MacUpdate. Not very favorable reviews.
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    Help with purchase of AIO printer for Mac v.10.6.7 - says 'no Mac OS support'!

    Howdy. Can’t speak to the model you are looking for, but I do have a Brother HL-5040, which I have been using for seven years. It is a black and white laser, but no scan capability. But for reliability, it is top of the line; the only thing I have done is change the cartridge, and...
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    idiot delete

    Good to hear. And thanks for coming back to share that with the board. Might be good to institute some of the backup processes I mentioned.
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    idiot delete

    Yeah, it’s the pits when you realize “oops.” When you re-installed, did you archive or replace? If archived the original, then you should have that somewhere on the computer. Do a Finder search for some of them by name. Did you keep serial numbers from the software? If so, you...
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    Need help

    Do you have the original system disk(s)? You may have to start up from the disk.
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    How do i tell if i have a virus on my mac????

    So, Eric, what is the purpose of your extended post?
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    Just bought my first mac

    The problem is that there are significant changes between 10.3 and 10.6. Unless you have many of the much older Macs, this won’t help you all that much.
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    Just bought my first mac

    My guess is that is using OS X 10.1 at most. If the account that you have access to is also an admin account, then you could set a different account and make it the admin account. You would have to know what kind of iMac it is before trying to buy a disk. I would be surprised if you could load...
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    Solved: G4 Upgrade

    What is the max allowed RAM on the computer? It may be that even Leopard requires DVD not CD drive. If it runs well in OS 9.1, perhaps consider upgrading to 9.2, but I wouldn’t recommend OS X with that machine.
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    KODAK printer install froze imac

    You should be able to force quit, using CMD + OPTION + ESC