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Apr 1, 2012
Jul 28, 2008
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Apr 1, 2012
    1. serodemonman
      Fabez man.. are you going to respond to my pm's at all?
    2. hawash2

      i made the blog www.visualcsamples.blogspot.com

      i would like tyo know how to create a button with 2 tool tips

      one on the left half and the other on the right side plz hellp me
    3. bengr8
      hey can you answer my question in "coders group " soon ! :up:
    4. Rosegarden
      Hi Fabez,


      This is the account i created for test purposes. If you go the website you'll see at the left side there is title " Communication Communication" and it is cut off. Also, In the part of " looking for " as you can see options are being cut off. Plus, as you can see from the resume any characters like y,p,g going under the name field are being cut off.


    5. Codiah
      Well, i've already coded allot of batch files into a custom command prompt with its own commands, its become a wonderful administrative tool among other things, i use it allot... but, even though there converted to .exe format, if anyone is smart enough to know that there just extracted to a temp folder and run as bat files so its not really secure.. what i want to do for a C++ project is convert my entire admin console tool into the C++ language so its more structurally sound and secure.... think its a good place to start.. i already understand the structure of the program, i just need to learn how to code it in C++...
    6. Codiah
      Hey -Fabez- i'm taking your advice and i'm thinking about starting with learning C++, i figured this would be the easiest to branch off from later, but what i wanted to ask you is what IDE do you use to do your coding, i'm looking for an all in one package, somethingi can code / debug / and compile with... i currently have Eclipse IDE but i find it a little stressful to use because yo have to set up all these different things just to get the debug and buildto work.. any suggestions?
    7. bbaxter31
      I need help on downloading att. sent to me
    8. -Fabez-
      Around about 40 - 60 minites, then the code will be ready for you, where do you want it posted ?
    9. support.clpafs
      Do you have a time frame as to when it will be on when it will be online?
    10. support.clpafs
    11. support.clpafs
      Are you online?
    12. support.clpafs
      Basic php coding, and web maintenance.

      I'll even through in disk space and 8 mysql databases for you work.

    13. support.clpafs
      Would you like to be a volunteer webmaster?
    14. 1toplpo
      When I put threads in the open forum,I had not read the user guide,That and I am on the steep side of the computer knowledge learning curve. I did not intend to do anything illegal.I do not know what types of files are illegal to use.
    15. manojkumar
      helo my syystem is beeping constantly and no booting or display
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