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  • If they're going to do another treatment regime I need to know 'cause it's about time for the twins to get their shots and exam. I need to get them scheduled with Jessie's favorite vet.
    I don't know. I had a PET scan Friday and saw the Chemo Doc Tuesday. He wanted to confer with the Death Ray Doc and the Lung Lady and would call me yesterday. No call yet. The scan showed abnormal activity in the chest area which seems to indicate that it's not dormant.

    I had reached the goal of 165 the Brit had set but then my appetite tanked again starting in August and I dropped to 146. I've struggled to get it up to 149. It hurts and I'm tired all of the time. I also get short of breath very easily
    Hi: Sorry I haven't been on in a long time. I never seem to have time and I am here now because of a computer problem. I couldn't even remember my password. I hope everything is OK with you and yours.
    hey that kiss concert i found out is going to be recorded and put on going to be a movie star LOL. no autographs please unless you got $100.
    "World's Best Cat Litter" is environmentally friendly and while it looks expensive it does last longer than traditional scoopables. After use it can be used to make muffins to take to a city council meeting or other gathering of politicians or lawyers.
    I can see no reason not to allow cats on the bed. You'll never be able to take a full power cat nap.
    Many times you can find purebred cats at shlters or through a rescue group that specializes in a certain breed. Another option is to see if a breeder has a kittie available that is not "show quality" that they would sell at a greatly reduced price. I'm assuming you're looking for pursonnalty rather than conformation.
    PS My cats have all been custom blends but I think from the description that Jessie has a lot of maine Coon in him.
    I would love to get a photo :)- did you have the cap and gown and everything?

    Glad to hear you have fun celebrations :)
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