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    Need help can't install

    run post back
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    Outlook Express - store folder
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    Game can not play - mozaki Blocks

    check not to sure otherwise
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    try to access bios and boot from the cd. if it recognizes the cd drive it should boot from it if enabled
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    Hardware problems
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    Sound Issue
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    Hard Drive performance on Win 7 numerous other features you can disable also re recent install , there are 100s of updates to get though to todays date
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    Compaq - Touchpad Mouse Freezes Whilst Typing

    maybe bios is not up to date with the sp update-often happens with touch pads often can fix it by going to mouse control/touch pad and resetting everything ie tick and untick to "remind" windows it has to use your driver My cursor is behaving erratically. There are two possible solutions to...
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    Computer dies

    try removing ram but 1 do a ram test do a clean start up start type msconfig enter start up remove all or tick load basic drivers only clean switch start type sfc /scannow and leave it to check check processor is snug cables all ok to it and motherboard kick it ( only joking!)
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    Keyboard driver lost

    initially just try plugging in and force a re start , it should fire up as the driver for key board is "in" the operating system as a default driver
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    Major problem copying files

    is this a new problem? try your bios may be out of date , i have a asrock which had similiar issue but a bios update and a usb speed up programme from asrock did the trick
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    Copy and Paste problems

    usually in advanced option via menu " keep source settings " i think yes just checked menu , advanced copy paste options
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    wmp (7) only burns 1 track of cd at time ! takes some reading but prob overrun
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    Keyboard driver lost

    unplug then re plug it in then re start basic driver is in xp if keyboard not found then issue is elsewhere although dells used to be a pain for doing this and you needed two keyboards one usb and the other the older round pin ps/2
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    Solved: XP Pro freezing when Desktop loaded should only be anti spy , zalarm etc services start run type services.msc enter then safe mode only please...