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  • Hey Firefly:
    I think I am using Window Media Player 10 (version 12.0) I tried to find the exact version on Windows 10.I have moved many shows to external hard drives. I loaded MPEG2 codec but have no clue where to go to make sure its loaded and in working order.
    Hi my tv has 2 HDMI ports. I have ROKU on one of the ports. I also have excellent WIFI.

    My lap top has a 13 inch screen and runs Windows 10. I have difficulty seeing details

    My iPhone is a 10 max S

    I’d like to mirror both to a 46 inch TV

    Will any of the dongles on Amazon do the job?

    Thanks for helping me
    By rule all assistance has to be done via the forums.
    I can't help you here.
    However, as a general rule, if you have a smart tv, which supports "casting" then you can cast the phone to the tv. You may need to purchase an app for that though.
    Look up casting to your particular make/model of tv.

    I obviously means this in a general way. Not as a way of assisting outside the forums. :)
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