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    Crud... Help me please!

    Sounds like 2 issues, you have the system set to automatically reboot on failure, this you can change using F8 and choosing do not automatically reboot. This will let you see the BSOD and the Stop Error. Second, using the recovery console, run the Listsvc command to see what is loading at boot...
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    anyone done this before???

    Use Disk Manager, create a primary partition create a partition about 2GB, formatted using NTFS. Then assign a drive letter. You can manually set your page file by going to Control Panel-->System-->Advanced. Click on the Settings button of Performance. Then choose the Advanced tab and click...
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    Solved: North Bridge overheating

    Mine runs around 113. Try another monitoring app, like Motherboard monitor or Everest. I would suspect the software as well. As to max temp, 149 degrees is the default upper shutdown threshold, but you do want it below 122 to prolong life and for performance. The only replacement fan that seems...
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    Hard Drive Question

    98 is a breeze to dual boot to. Create the 98 install first then install second OS. Reason being, you can install XP to a FAT partition but 98 not so happy with NTFS. Once both OS'es installed, you may have to edit the boot.ini to include path to 98 Autoexec, its been a while since I did this...
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    New Built Computer - Software/Hardware problem?

    I checked the Asus site and found this link. It describes the same problem you are having with the same model as well. Asus It does look like it is an issue with the drive firmware.
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    Solved: North Bridge overheating

    Did you drop the fan shutdown threshold in the BIOS? Its under the PC Health heading, there are 2 values, the fan will adjust its speed according to these values, so I changed the range so the fan is always running at max by lowering both threshold values. Also, check your airflow of your your...
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    LAN Trouble

    Check your running services to verify that Apache is not running. Apache web server installs with the Active Armour software. You could try installing the original software again and then running the uninstall to verify it is completely out. I am not sure what authentication you are referring...
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    Windows XP does not recognize my Maxtor HD!

    This is a link to an article from Maxtor KB which decribes how to copy the contents of an older Maxtor drive to a partition on a new drive using MaxBlast4. This would let you get your data off, then you could clean up, test and reconfigure the older driver. How to copy the operating system...
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    USB drive support issues with WinXP

    I did a little further research on SPTD.sys and here's what I found. SPTD stands for SCSI Pass Through Direct and is a valid device driver designed to allow OS independent access to mass storage devices. It is similar to the ASPI layer developed by Adaptec. The reason your USB devices could...
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    Loads... then freeze

    Check the manual for your motherboard, usually a continuous cycle of beeps indicates no memory installed or detected. Try reseatting your RAM or another RAM module that is known to be good.
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    comp won't boot up

    It will give you a prompt saying the C:\Windows folder already exists and do you want to overwrite, say no and it will let you choose another install folder. Then create the new folder. I would agree, but even the repair option overwrites the current registry and requires application...
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    LAN Trouble

    When you were using the Nvidia Adapter, did you enable the active armour application as well? Check your services, look for any running apache servers, might be that you uuninstalled the Nvidia drives but left the Nvidia configuration App running. It defaults to a very restricted operation mode...
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    LAN Trouble

    When you installed the drivers, did you Run the setup.exe, then attach the USB device. And after it was detected, Windows Hardware install ran, you chose automatic and said yes to unsigned drivers? I know that the unistall/reinstall boogie gets old, but try unplugging the device, run the...
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    Cannot send email from web mail server on XP Client

    So you use the Outlook Web Access to send email. And you cannot send. Can you receive email? This could be caused by a number of things. Do you have a firewall application installed or is Windows Firewall running? Have you run Windows Update and install latest updates and patches? Try this...
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    Can't complete downloads

    Try booting into save mode with networking and then try a download. To do this , start tapping the F8 key after a restart until a menu comes up. The choose the Safe Mode with Networking. This will boot a minimal load of the OS. If you can download successfully, run a online scan such as Trend...