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    how to listen to music via bluetooth on a sony z1

    hey, how do I get my sony z1 to play music on my bluetooth headset? its all synced and works great when im making calls but when I put on music it just comes out of the speakers
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    its to fit on 8x11.5 regular paper
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    hello, im looking for something that will let me resize(in inches, not pixels or dpi...) batches of images and then be able to print to that exact size, preferable a free software, im currently using windows 7 and have an HP officejet 4620 printer any help would be great :) Thank...
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    Rules change cause lose of e-mails!

    when I go into my rules there is nothing there, the way my e-mails are set up is I have a pop3 account and an exchange account( all for the same e-mail) so I went on my bosses computer and exported his rules and imported them into mine and even then still nothing I have no e-mail, my tech said...
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    Rules change cause lose of e-mails!

    WHen I booted up my pc this morning and opend up outlook, I got a message saying that I had conflicting rules between the server and the client, Im set up on our exchange server for work... so it asked me which set of rules I wanted to followe the servers or the clients... so I chose the servers...
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    FATAL ERROR: Unhandled Access Violation Reading 0x0020 Exception at 9d2741h

    FATAL ERROR: Unhandled Access Violation Reading 0x0020 Exception at 9d2741h Everytime I try to open a Dxf in autocad 2008 it gives me that error and then will not open at all. I can open dwg's no problem but just not Dxf's how can I fix this?
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    Solved: The IBM blues....(driver problems)

    hello, i just bought an IBM thinkcenter MT-M 8141 and i loaded windows xp pro on it and everything works great exept one thing, I can't get the internet to work!!!!! ive tried looking online for drivers but nothing I find works.... does anybody know the right driver
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    ubuntu install

    Alright so here is the deal I has a msi x340 laptop, and I want to dual boot with linux cuz I love linux, So I make myself a bootable flashdrive using universale-usb installer and a copy of kubuntu 11.04 i386, and everything works great so I boot up to the flashdrive and the live cd is...
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    Graphic card drive for Gateway ZX4800-05c

    hey there im running linux mint 10 lxde and I want to instal the driver for my graphic card intel gma 4500m graphics
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    canon s520 wont print black

    alright so I have a canon s520 and it was printing black until it ran out of ink , now i've changed the cartridge with a (BCI-3e) which on the box says it fits... but now it wont print black at all and ive done everything tried all the deepcleans and cleans and changing the setings to grayscale...
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    Hey people don't seem to get my txts

    Hey im on the 3g rogers network in nova-scotia, and i have a LG Xenon, thats almost a year old.Latly ive been sending text messages and people havent been getting them at all.I went in to roger a few weeks ago because id been getting over heating probleme and the graphique processor would fail...
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    wireless internet(d-link)

    Hey this happens everytime i install windows xp on my pc I have the hardest time getting my d-link dwlg520 to work.the drivers dont install i get errore codes all over.I want to know if i install windows 7 will everything work great?
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    Webcam driver on msi X340 laptop

    Hello I just got my laptop a few weeks ago and when i got it i started by cleaning out all the junk that they gave me with windows 7,now I find myself wanting to use my webcam, what should i do seing that nobody on the internet wants to put up a driver for it not even msi!!!!
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    Solved: Nvidia Nforce networking controller

    I had linux mint and my internet worked great then i formated with microxp and could get the network drivers to work so i tried windows xp and they still dont work it says device cannot start code 10 i have and asus p5n32-e sli motherboard my prossessor is 64bit bit im running 32 bit os...
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    how to format netbook

    Yes i have an sd card and a flash drive both loaded with linux i used a program to make them bootable but my laptop dosent pick them up