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    help with publisher

    To Clairew: If I was to venture a educated guess I would say that your system resources are running low. Best to check this is to right click on the My Computer Icon on your Desk Top, select properties from drop down and look at last tab for performance, if below 80% then you need to run...
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    Desktop Icon Shortcuts all the on Win2K

    I searched the forum for this issue and came up empty. So I was wondering if anybody else has ever come across the issue of the ms word icon laying on top of all your desktop shortcut icons only and that the shared file folders in Explorer have ms pub icon instead of yje yellow folder icon...
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    Trouble with Epson 7600 printer profile

    To lleonhardt: Sometimes this happens, when upgrading software and only Murphy knows why you were by blindsided the dangling dong of destiny. So there is a possibility that one of the printer cartridges has shorted out, so have you tried replacing both cartridges then resetting the...
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    Adobe Reader 6.0 won't start

    To jackyl: What would happen if you went to adobe and updated to version 6.2? Just a thought, sometimes it works and its free. Flixx
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    my printer is not working properly

    To babylover: I did a search at HP's web site and as far your printer goes which one of the following:Look at the hp1310.jpg file and it would help to know. Also im posting this HP Printer Web Link and click on live chat for more printer trouble shooting. There is a possible situation...
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    FLash file runs fine on PC but not on site

    To slurpee55: Got a simple question, for the flash intro are all you suppose to see is the "F" in the box in the upper left corner. Because that is all i got for the intro, went up to clicked and was taken to your index html page. So i might suggest you change the flash intro to the name of...
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    Corrupt Record in Access Table

    To Punster: My money says your using referential integrity and i know all the ac export say thats what it is for, well you got lesson one, never use it. What i'm speaking about is table analyze. But to solve the sticky wicket your in try the following steps: 1. create a blank...
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    win2k server number of limited user's

    To gurutech: So basically what your saying is that if you plan on using win2k as web server , you need to have some major dollars behind you, cuase microsoft has intentions of making you pay for more than 5 users connected at one time to yor web site. I figured someday they was going to make...
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    win2k server number of limited user's

    Was asked this question by a acquaintance the other day and did the normal research and came up blank. Question is this; Is there a limit to the number of users that can can use win2k server or is the users unlimited like in winnt server edition? The best answer i could come up with was...
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    my printer is not working properly

    To babylover80: You might want to try clicking the start button - settings - printers and then right click on the hp printer icon and select properties and click on the set as defualt printer choice. I have a strange feeling that that is not currently checked. Then reboot your computer...
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    Installing PHP on WINNT4 IIS4 SERVER

    Anyone out there no the correct procedure to install PHP on a WINNT4 IIS4 Server or a link to good tutorial. FYI: Not running Apache on server, using Frontpage instead. I have run all the general searches and totaly failed to find any good examples, everything seems to use apache , and I just...
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    Solved: Computer can't find printer software

    To wwrenn1: First click on printer folders under start button - settings - printer and then look to see if the printer exists. If it does remove it, but before you delete the printer, i would turn off any antivirus and spyware first. Then reboot and check printers folder to make sure the...
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    Nero software unable to format CD-RW disk

    To kaufam7: First question that comes to my mind is if you put a Cd that already contains data on it, can you read it. And if you open explorer up does the cdrom show as a valid drive. if you have a valid drive and you can read data, then i would suggest taking the cdrom back and having...
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    InCD Alternative

    To robert2513: You might want try this web link and do a search on freeware tab for cd burner software or dvd burner. Hope this helps. Flixx
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    OE shuts down Help plaese !

    To Morwenna: Try the following web Links for your Outlook help: OutLook Express Repairs Outlook Express Help Outlook Error Fixit Now Outlook Spyware Hope this helps, Flixx.