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    PC will not Power Up.

    It used to happen to me once. I had renewed the case and it works. Why don't you uninstall all the hardware, put it on top of some hard board paper, the assembly it again and try. If it still not works, check how you configure you DRAM timing and all those things.
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    I carn't use FTP on my computer. Can you help please?

    Well, sounds like your firewall to me. Did you mean you can run the ftp software but cannot connect? Or did you use a firewall. There's a plugin for Firefox called FireFTP. It's embedded with Firefox. Make sure you have the rights to the server before attempting any connection to the server.
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    PHP File Write

    Thanks a lot MMJ! By the way, if I am using 'r' function to read it, I can read using filesize($fd) and using the fgets($fo) function. The filesize function read all character meanwhile the fgets function read the first line until it see the \n break. Can I assign it to read specific line? I...
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    PHP File Write

    Hi everyone. I wanted to ask, how to write character into different lines. Take a look at the code below :- <?php $fd ='note.txt'; $fo = fopen($fd,'w'); $abc ='texting'; fwrite($fo,$abc); ?> The output will be in note.txt will be "texting" in one line The question here is, how...
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    Not Booting Up...

    I am calculating for the PSU unit and i can make sure the processor is compatible.... Thanks for both of you guys. But any other ideas? EDIT : I am on the right voltage, i calculated with maximum perfomances, with only 175 watts can do. i try check with my memory...
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    Not Booting Up...

    Hi there. I bought a 2nd hand processor and mainboard for my friend. The main board is Abit AN7 Socket A Motherboard. Spec: The processor is AMD Athlon 1800. I using 256MB PC2700 with it. I tried it with one 230W power supply, the...
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    Windows Installation

    Once again, thanks again. But the error still occurs
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    Windows Installation

    Can't detect the cd.
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    Windows Installation

    Thanks for your advise brother but I tried this way. I knew. But, it can detect at all.
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    Windows Installation

    Hi there. I have a system with two hard drive. I wanted to install Windows XP to the second hard disk, D:\ . My primary hard disk are Windows Me, C:\. I run my system then I park in the disc. After that, I select Install Windows XP Professional. I then choose new installation. Then I accept the...
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    Cannot Browse Some Website

    Hi there. I having this proplem since today. Yesterday I still can go throught this websites. I cannot surf and Do you guys can surf? Anyone can help me?
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    Help Me Please......

    Hi there. I am facing a proplem when i try to startup my windows xp professsional machine. After the bios test, it should run the black screen with the Microsoft Windows Xp Professional and some blue box running it. It not divert me to that page. After everytime i start my computer and ask me to...
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    Flash Templates

    Hi anyone out there know how to edit a flash templates?
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    Free domain

    7 bucks can get from You can get the change furthermore
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    MySql And Php

    Hi man. Thanks. Anymore site?