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    Lost CD for my Microsoft Picture It 10

    Well I don't know, perhaps by having the original purchase receipt you can legally download a "backup" copy of the application.
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    How can I Restrict a Laptop Browser to just 1 Website

    Sorry about it, I had obtained the information on a google search read through it and copy pasted you the link. i clicked the same link myself and your right. Well i Refound the information: Hi, there is a way to do this that is commonly used. This is from a guide at 1) First...
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    Lag/freeze whilst using Chrome

    I had similar issues and I reinstalled chrome which resolved it for me. Of course this may be a case where the symptom is the same but the cause is different
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    What's for Dinner?

    pizza quatro formaggi
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    Cool Stuff on YouTube Wingsuit Base Jumping
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    A - Z Occupations #2

    Y- Yacht Management Consultant
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    Harrison Lake

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    Winner Takes All

    wow i envy your experience
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    A to Z of Items #3

    V is for Verosimile
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    Tip Of The Day

    thanks for this
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    Solved: Office constantly crashing and restarting

    Before doing that try this
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    Secondary monitor black out

    connect your external monitor. click start and type display. on the search box. from the search results click connect to an external display you should be able to choose your external monitor.
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    Laptop Battery

    Hey I would suggest you read through the following article: It contains useful information on how to extend the life-span of your battery and all the do´s and dont´s
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    OS not responding but works in safe mode...

    go to windows in safe mode. click on start and search mdsched run that and give it a go
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    Dear All I decided to write this post to recommend the software sandboxie. I recently formatted my pc because of its slow performance and to prune all the garbage I had keeping only the essential files. Having done this I got a decent antivirus and antispyware software and during my internet...