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    EXT HD issues.... not showing up

    I think the connector which adapts the 4TB drive inside of the EXT Drive might be toast most likely, so I recommend that you contact WD with your Warranty here: Since you bought your drive recently the Warranty should be active and they will...
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    EXT HD issues.... not showing up

    Try it on another PC or Mac Computer, erm scratch that it appears you have fixed the issue because you detected the partition already. I believe the cradle has separate drivers, I have a Toshiba EXT HDD Adapter which installed on Win7 then I could I use my drive. So in you situation, the...
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    Did my graphics card stop working?

    ^ Try what he says, if it does work fine on another monitor; just update the drivers, switch cables, or re-seat the card. Basic diagnostics 101. If it does not work, well you will have to get a new one.
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    Pyritechips (Jim) Has Passed Away

    Jim, I don't know who you are personally, but thanks for your contributions to TechGuy. We will miss you RIP.
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    Computer buzzing noises while gaming

    Is it a desktop or laptop? I have an HP h8-1030 which does the same thing when running high powered applications. I think it is perfectly normal, but you should listen to see where the sound is coming from and clean the area where the sound is coming from. The fan source is most likely the...
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    Need to restore my old machine with the manufacturer cd

    No, I believe this AST Recovery CD will work on computers manufactured by AST Computers LLC only. This thread on TechGuy shows that the original poster had some disks relative to my machine: I could use a regular...
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    Need to restore my old machine with the manufacturer cd

    Thanks for replying, I spent quite a deal of time finding support information; I went on using webarchive back to 2000, most of the links are dead and I cannot download the Bravo Series Manual specific to my system. I also contacted the company who supported these computers after AST...
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    Need to restore my old machine with the manufacturer cd

    Hello, I need to restore my old windows 98se machine with the manufacturer recovery CD. I am not talking about the OEM Windows 98 disc, but a Recovery CD made by AST Computers LLC NOT AST Research with windows 98. The computer I have is a Bravo Series with a Pentium III and an 8.4GB Hard Drive...