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    1. Benvalo
      Hi again Frank!
      Well I did all the things you requested and it seemed to work temprarilly.
      Unfortunately the computer is very old so I'm starting to think its just the age of it and the time for a much needed upgrade.

      I've got a budget range of 300-400 GBP.
      I found a computer at Pcworld, but do you think the specifications are worth it for the price? I'm not very good with computers but I do like to play some games on it and use it for website design too. I'd rather a better graphics card than a huge hard drive as I have a few externals.
      Here is the link:

      Best regards for helping me out Frank, you are a computer-lifesaver :P
    2. Benvalo
      Frank are you busy?
      I've replied to my post with the data you need.
      Thanks mate,
    3. Syntax_error
      thanks for the tip,already tried it,stuck on the same problem
    4. axoli45
      ola waz up
    5. The Hound
      The Hound
      Hi Frank--

      Same guy's still having assorted Stop Errors with standby enabled--device driver, kernel mode drivers, memory corruption, overlapping memory addresses...He followed your suggestion to update the ATI driver and that seemed to disable Fast User Switching--rolled back, and the FUS worked again. Got any slick ideas about Standby related BSODs that we haven't covered here?
    6. The Hound
      The Hound
      Woof---I mean Hi Frank---

      Would you mind having a read through this thread in the XP forum? I'm ready to have this guy update his BIOS to try to fix an issue with BSODs coming out of standby. We've been through most everything else--he follows directions and shows great patience and attention to detail...I don't recommend BIOS flashes for everybody coming through here...I wonder if you see something I might have missed.


    7. Frank4d
      Your notebook uses an ATI RS690T chipset. Since Gateway doesn't have any 64-bit drivers for it, I found this driver for Vista 64-bit at MSI computer:

      No guarantees, but it might work. MSI computer is where I got the chipset driver when I downgraded my Gateway to XP.
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    8. suigeneris
      Hello Frank4d,

      I recently installed an RTL8187B into my Gateway T-1625 notebook running Windows7 x64 and noticed your post: "I recently had the same problem with a Gateway laptop, with the same RTL8187B driver downloaded from Realtek. The solution in my case was to install the motherboard chipset drivers." Do you know where I can get the motherboard drivers? Andrew
    9. Smiley101
      can u help me with my dlink wbr-2310 router just bought and every time i try to use the cd it tells me i have no internet connection but am on it through my modem now i just bought it
    10. helpme311
      I`m sorry for bothering you, but could you please reply to the thread that you were helping in before?
    11. ikki9
      Hello my user name it's ikki9 and i was wondering how is that you are able to know when a pc is infected in some way by looking at the HjackThis log??
    12. tenshi1601
      hey frank, there is a device that has a question mark on the device manager but its not the wireless device,its an ethernet controller with a device instance ID


      hope this answers it..pls help.. :)
    13. tenshi1601
      RE: my wireless network adapter.. there actually is no unknown devices found. but there certainly is a network adapter because before the reformat it still functioned..
    14. tenshi1601
    15. ladiitech
      Originally Posted by Frank4d
      If you had XP and upgraded to Vista without creating a dual boot installation, pressing "R" to repair your XP installation won't do any good (XP was replaced by Vista so there is nothing to repair). You need to do a full install of XP.

      yep ur right. i no longer have xp os just the vista.
      how will i do a full installation of xp? LadiiTech
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