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    Solved: Dual Channels NOT Functioning

    From what I can see in the log, you have one stick of RAM installed (or only one detected). Two sticks are required for dual channel mode to work, and the two should be closely matched.
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    I Have No Friends

    I think I will keep the account to access has one group I find useful, not set up a profile, and not respond to any friend requests. I even unfriended my wife yesterday so I won't be getting spam asking if I want to be friends with her friends.
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    I Have No Friends

    I signed up with Facebook four years ago, but quit using it because after becoming friends with a couple of people... somehow I became friends of their friends, and friends of friends of friends... and get updates everytime a friend of a friend of a friend might have added a mutual friend... or...
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    Solved: Motherboard touching the Case

    I am guessing it is probably OK unless it looks bent.
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    Solved: Motherboard touching the Case

    There are likely more holes in the case than there are holes in the motherboard, so you want to install the standoffs ONLY where they line up with holes in the motherboard.
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    How to remove Bearshare from my computer

    It is usually OK for us to help get rid of unwanted applications, which I suspect in this case is a browser helper object or plug-in. P1nky, what web browser are you using?
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    No access to old hard drive xp home from XP Pro

    See if this helps:
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    BSOD BCCode: 7a

    Your first log shows BCCode "7A" and mentions "There was error with disk hardware" and "Typically caused by a bad block in the paging file or disk controller error". The second log shows BCCode "A" and mentions unable to read from a particular memory address. It mentions a driver file as being...
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    Internet constantly disconnecting.

    It looks like TalkTalk is aware the modem may have issues:
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    Finding Drivers

    As flavallee mentioned above, if one of the missing drivers is a chipset driver, you should install it first.
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    Finding Drivers

    For each of the unknown devices, right click on one in Device Manager and click Properties, then click the Details tab. In the Property dropdown choose Hardware Ids. You should see a text string similar to PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8168&SUBSYS_75491462&REV_02. Make a note of the numbers after...
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    Lady loses her life at Six Flags Over Texas

    Too bad if she thought she wasn't safe, she didn't get off the ride.
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    Solved: Network issue?

    What he told you about the foreign address is just plain wrong. :confused: A "foreigh address" as reported by the netstat command is the IP address, computer name or domain name for any connection between your computer and another that is not the address of your own computer.
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    Solved: Problems with sound

    Glad you got it sorted.
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    Solved: Problems with sound

    The download site for your GA-MA78GM-S2H motherboard is here: Install the Chipset driver first if you have not done so, then install the Realtek audio driver.