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Nov 20, 2005
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Oct 14, 2013
    1. madsaaf
      Hi !
      It says that I am not allowed to ask for tech support, but I know that you already solved one problem like mine, is ok to ask ?
    2. knighthawks3
      cpu athlon xp 2400+,speed 2000mhz/266mhz memory 256 mb motherboard acpi\pnp0c02\1 i dont really want to replace any hardware but if i need to i want to do it right so any upgrades you can suggest would be great
    3. twisted_edge098
      I'm sorry but your post is confusing frankjohn...I'm trying to get the sound to work on my computer
    4. jestrad4
      I allready used these parts on a known good working computer. They work. So I am kind of confussed. That is why i wanted to reset jumper to reset bios. I have not dont this many times but i asked someone else about it and he said it has worked before.
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