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    9700 Turns off AGP TEXTURE ACCELERATION. help?

    Well, you haven't really said whats wrong with the card, if you have formatted 3x already, then clearly the card does work. What's wrong with it.. just onem setting missing? Why don't you call ATI? It could have been a setting used in an older version of the drivers that they deviced to take...
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    Anyone heard of an app I can use to..

    list or download all the files in a particular folder on a website. Say for example, has 300 pictures of ferrarris in it, but I don't wanna right click/save as.. on each individual pic. I know of similar apps, but they scour through the webpages on the server only...
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    MSI 875P motherboard fan LED configurable?

    Yeah.. Thermaltake Xaser III with a window.. its bad assed.. I dont mind the LED in general. but I was really hoping for a nice blue ambient light..
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    Got a BIG problem (please help!)

    Ok, it's most likely a resource conflict of some sort. Try this, pull out the sound card and that new dvd drive, and then bootup see if the same problem comes up. Worst comes to worst, pull almost everything out that you can .. even your mouse..
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    MSI 875P motherboard fan LED configurable?

    The MSI website doesnt say anything about it, and I can't find anything elsewhere.. but I have an MSI 875P that has a built in chipset fan on the motherboard with an LED kit on it. While I like the lights, in a dark room playing video games with a disco flashin LED can be annoying. I don't...
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    Tricky situation involving data recovery/security

    YAY! Log in an Administrator. Open My Computer Tools/Options, click the View Tab, scroll down the bottom, disable simple file sharing. Right-click/Properties on the parent folder what you want to access, click the security tab, Click the advanced button, then Select you Administrator...
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    Tricky situation involving data recovery/security

    update: I just got a step closer. From being logged in an administrator, I went to the comman prompt and typed: "CACLS /T Frank:F" Now, when logged in with my Frank account, I can see the directory structure under the Frank folder, which wasn't visible before, but I still can't get into th...
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    Tricky situation involving data recovery/security

    Computer A. Blue screened, few times a day till it died and wouldnt boot up again. Running XP Computer B. New PC with XP pro on it. I move the old dead hard drive from A to B and ran a checkdsk which appears to have fixed the original problem with the drive. All the data appears to...
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    Scratchy Noise

    Check the connectors to make sure they are clean. maybe get a new cable connecting the sound card to speakers. An easy way to check the integrity of your sound quality coming frmo your sound card is to plug in some headphones and see what that sounds like. If the headphones work fine, then...
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    PC not posting

    Did you ground yourself when you installed it? You could have fried the motherboard. Try removing all peripherals, remove hard drives, floppy drives, memory... everything. Make sure the only thing thats plugged in is the power cable, turn on the machine, if it beeps, then you got a post...
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    Modem Help - Dead or Alive?!?

    Go into control panel, phone and modem options and select the modems tab. select your modem, hit properties and then look for the query modem button.. see if all the tests pass. Sounds to me like there is a hardware issue.
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    Cannot detect modem

    "So, I guess the problem is in the modem and plan purchasing an internal modem." Don't bother opening it, just buy a new modem. If you can warranty relpace it, you might wanna do that. Anything else? Not work the cost, save the money and get cable/dsl
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    Printer Trouble--Print Spooler, etc.....

    From the printers window, delete all the printers installed on your machine (even ones other than the Canon). Delete the contents of the c:\winnt\system32\spool folder. Unplug your printer, reboot. After having booted into windows once with no printer, shut off the machine, plug in the...
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    Yepp YP-35 problem

    Have you tried downloading the latest drivers from the net? The drivers will either nistall automatically (easy) or extract to a folder, then frmo device manage, yuo will need to "upgrade driver" and then point it to the folder where the files were extracted to.
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    Power supply minimum wattage for P4?

    I've decided to go with a 430 watt Antec plusview1000AMG Only thign is, it doesn't come with a power supply, but the hassle should be worth it. Thanks for all the replies