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    Adding program for startup/boot WIN98SE

    I want to add a program to my windows boot startup sequence, a media server. How do I do that? I tried Windows help, it refers to the Start Menu. I looked at MSCONFIG, can't find a place to do that. It would be under a directory in C:\Program Files
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    New external HD kit must be formatted.

    Just some info, from a dummy. If you buy one of those External Hard Drive boxes that you have to put a disk into, the drive must be formatted. If you don't, the system tools will see it (like Device Manager and diagnostics), but Explorer and software will not. I use WIN98SE. Find the...
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    Need media server uPNP type for WIN98SE

    I need a good media server to replace the one with my Netgear MP101 music player. Must work on WIN98SE. Help?
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    Explorer unstable with USB drives

    I have a couple of USB hard drives connected to a USB2 card. Explorer seems unstable with them. When it is done deleting sometimes on these drives, it locks up. Anyone else have this problem?
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    Can't upgrade to XP from WIN98SE

    I built a computer about two years ago. Put on WIN98SE. Yeah, stupid. All components were made for XP, and had WIN98SE drivers and such, like the motherboard. Now I want to upgrade to XP. Bought the upgrade disk and tried to install. No joy. Two hours with tech support. No joy. It...