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    Video Display Problem

    I cant help you right now but im sure the problem is codec (codex) related. Look into the subject and you might solve the issue. Ill be home later tonight and may help you.
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    Your gonna need Vista for the

    You mean Halo 2
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    Anybody Have A SNES or NES?

    The mario games for NES and SNES were godly. Chrono trigger and Mario RPG also rocked on the SNES
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    Has anyone ever WISHED for a blue screen

    Care to give some examples of the games he plays?
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    Lines and Artifacts on Screen.

    Well the hunt for a new video card begins, im basically a gamer and need a good video card. Would this run all modern games well? (Stuff like FEAR)
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    Lines and Artifacts on Screen.

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    Lines and Artifacts on Screen.

    Also, it seems at random times the screen will clear up except for the mouse and other minor parts.
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    Lines and Artifacts on Screen.

    My BIOS only monitors power settings. I cant change them or tell if its feeding the video card or not.
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    Lines and Artifacts on Screen.

    The BIOS is fine, and no i havent installed any new software....i doubt any would cause this though.
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    Lines and Artifacts on Screen.

    It does happen in safe mode as well. The card has a fan that is running well. i took the card out and inspected it, and to my knowledge it was fine. It would take me a few days to get another video card to test, so im holding off that option for now. I believe some sort of setting related to...
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    Lines and Artifacts on Screen.

    Heres a example, i also took the side of the case.
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    Lines and Artifacts on Screen.

    Two days ago small dots and lines were appearing on my screen. I swapped my LCD monitor with another CRT monitor and they both share the problem, so i doubt it is the monitor. Today when i turned on my computer i had much thicker and longer lines/artifacts that go down the length of the...
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    Random World of Warcraft thread

    Ive been to busy progressing in BWL! My guild downed Nef 2weeks ago and AQ just opened up on our server. Fun Fun Fun
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    CRC error

    Any chance u know which .cab file(s) contains the supposed corrupt file?
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    Ummmm.....what are your system specs? You may be trying to run aoe3 on a ancient system.