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    Laptop fan

    You can try using speedfan. It is a free fan control software used in windows. It can be downloaded here: link to SpeedFan. There will be confusion first when you try it out for the first time. But, let me know once you download it.
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    Laptop fan

    Hi, Ahmedpill A laptop has its fan pre-calibrated when it comes out of the factory. For example, this is the fan's calibration which came from the factory: (THESE VALUES ARE REPRESENTATIVE. THEY ARE NOT ACCURATE) For fan full speed, give 10watts For fan half speed, give 5 watts For fan lowest...
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    Some buttons stop working

    Hi, Joe. Can you briefly explain what is going wrong with the buttons? Like a specific time when it is happening or something?
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    Motherboard shows Memory Error and doesn't POST

    Alright everyone. Thank you for your replies and responses... it is really appreciated! I will try another stick of ram. If that doesn't work, well crjdriver is right. And bassfisher, I will definitely try it out. Thank you all!
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    Motherboard shows Memory Error and doesn't POST

    bassfisher, it had 1 ram stick once and worked perfectly... I'm talking 4 years old or something... crjdriver, Yeah... I had to replace the thermal paste so I removed the cooler and you were right... the processor came with it.
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    Motherboard shows Memory Error and doesn't POST

    lunarlander, I did it. But still, it doesn't POST... The motherboard is not the issue as it worked before when it was my main PC.
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    Motherboard shows Memory Error and doesn't POST

    Hi everyone, I have a BIOSTAR TA880GB+ motherboard. Link for the motherboard product page can be found here. And the manual is inserted along with this post. I am planning to use this motherboard for another PC as I recently got a new motherboard upgrade for my main PC. The PC which i built...
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    PC gets stuck at booting logo

    Yes it indeed is.
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    PC gets stuck at booting logo

    I am in sort of a hurry right now. So... anyone? Your answer is highly appreciated.
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    PC gets stuck at booting logo

    Hi. I've recently added thermal paste to my CPU. afterwards i closed the glass panel and it was stuck at windows 10 booting screen. Nothing happens after this. Please anyone can tell me how to fix this issue? Photo in this link (I've experienced this issue 2 times before and it fixed by itself...
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    Solved Windows 7 to Windows 10

    If you need any tutorial to use the windows installer, click here and follow the steps...
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    Windows update not working

    Can you provide me more information about it? If possible, insert the pictures of the error in your reply too by clicking upload a file below where you are typing...
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    PC keeps crashing by displaying a Bsod

    Cookiegal, I installed a new version of windows 10 and didn't activate it yet. I will do it later...
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    Galaxy S9 is not being recognized by windows 10 Computer

    Im sorry... looks like the link isn't working. Here is the working link. Just hit download.
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    Toggle touchscreen on/off by touch?

    I am sure it is the hardware issue now. The touchscreen is faulty. Ask Dell support to get a replacement. I can dig deeper if you want tho…