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    My @"$% are wrong?

    Hi guys, My @"$% things on my keyboard are wrong, if i press what should be the @ sign i get the " sign and vice versa. the others are wrong also. Does anybody know why this might be? Cheers
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    Copying files using a batch file?

    Ok, ive manage to get it working and it copies the file across using: C: XCOPY C:\test C:\backdir But what i want to do is copy the personal folder in outlook to this file. So when i change it to: C: XCOPY C:\Documents and settings\[username]\...........\outllook C:\backdir Its...
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    Copying files using a batch file?

    Hi Guys, Im trying to copy a file from one folder to another but the batch file is not working, it says incorrect syntax. the command line im using is: COPY C:\TEST *.* C:\BACKDIR Does anyone know why this isnt working? Thanks
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    Access query?

    Hi Guys, Im doing a make table query where one of the fields is blank (i,e Date:Null). Then i want to run an update query which will add in the date field i want. Now the column that i create defaults as data type binary but id like it to default as data type Date/Time. I can go in and change...
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    Excel columns?

    Thats great thanks alot!
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    Excel columns?

    Hi Guys, Ive opened my excel this morning and instead of there being numbers down the side and letters across the top ive got numbers down the side and across the top so i cant do any statements? Does anybody know what this could be, and why its happened? Thanks
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    Internet explorer problem?

    Hi, Im having trouble with my internet explorer. I was looking on the web when a page opened about dialing into a sex site. i managed to close it but had to restart my computer. I then scaned it with Ad-aware and it found loads of stuff which i deleted. I then opened internet explorer and my...
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    Mouse over?

    Hi guys, I have a piece of phone software that we use. Its pretty basic you just load it and put your phone details in and it works, there are no properties to change. Now on some machines when you hover over a box it tells you what it is but on other machine this doesnt happen. As there...
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    CPU Cooler?

    Hi Guys, My processor fan is making some strange sounds when I initially boot the machine. Do you think it is about to die? If so how do I go about finding a replacement that will definatly fit correctly. The sticker on the fan reads "A65061-001 Intel Sanyo Denki" but i cannot find this...
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    Can someone explain what this is please? laymans terms?
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    Internet history

    Cheers mate, How do i set it to clear upon exiting?
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    Internet history

    That helps but im looking at finding a way to stop it storing them in the first place? Like blocking access to the temp file or setting it to delete automatically every few minutes?
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    Internet history

    Hi guys, Is there anyway to stop my work pc from keeping any record of what sites ive have been on? Cheers
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    Graphics card error?

    Thanks Norton, I followed the link and entered: Step 1 = Graphics driver Step 2 = Riva 128/128ZX (this was the only Riva even tho mine says its a model 64) Step 3 = All operating systems Do you think this is the correct driver for me?
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    Graphics card error?

    Hi guys, My machine has been playing up lately. It has started to be very slow of late and now and again it just restarts itself. I did get an error last time this happened which was: "The driver for the display devive was unable to complete a drawing operation. Please check with the...