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    Need for regular virus checks

    That may be so, but I wouldn't want to compound any problem by not taking action to remove/repair infected files. Likely it would increase from being the occasional single virus found during a scan to an issue much more (system wide?) damaging...and that's something I can do without.
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    Need for regular virus checks

    Speaking for myself, there have been times when during a full system scan a virus (etc) has been found on my computer. I update at least daily, so the only reason I could think of...maybe at the time of accessing whatever program/site had the virus, the definitions weren't as up to date as when...
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    Defrag Nightmare

    Go to the 'Manage Attachments' button, select the file you want and click on 'upload'. When displaying multiple files you need to insert a link to the file, using the 'Insert image' link under font size drop down option (in which you enter the shortcut to the file you've uploaded).
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    Defrag Nightmare

    Hiya, I use Diskeeper and find it keeps things well and truly under control (especially like the 'Set it and forget it' mode). It's currently trialware although I'm pretty sure there was a freeware 'Lite' version released a couple of years ago, you could probably find it on Google .
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    That annoying "Link"....

    Setting the Links folder properties to 'hidden' should remove it from favourites.
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    Setting up OE for

    No worries mate, good to see it sorted.
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    Setting up OE for

    Are you trying to access your hotmail with OE? If so, when you want to add a new account, you need to select HTTP from the drop box (not POP3). When you do this another box will be available, in which you select MSN.
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    HJT logfile - what next? has some suggestions for what seems to be the same problem. Might be worth a look.
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    ooops.. I clicked the wrong button for downloads??

    I see you've reset to default, but have you checked to see if downloads are enabled? If you go to Internet Options, Security Tab, Custom Level, then scroll down to download and enable.
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    A Question About The Microsoft Malicious Removal Tool

    Had the same, found it in a directory on C:\...38465374920233...or something or another like that. You can run the executable from there. Mind you, just had a look and it's gone!
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    OMG! Diskeeper is screwing with my HDD!

    What version of Diskeeper did you install? From checking the (Pro) helpfile, it states that "Note: The selectable defragmentation method options shown here are not available in Diskeeper Home Edition. Diskeeper Home Edition uses the Max disk performance defragmentation method.". Check out...
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    G'day, FYI (for those that don't use Norton?), the following wasn't picked up by either Spybot or Ad-Aware (definitions up to date) scans this week, but NAV quarantined it. It was located in C:\WINDOWS\System32\, "34yf28fg.exe". Can't find too much information about it (Packed.Adware)...
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    Outlook Express (Opening E-mail Link)

    Hi Dave, Could it be that Netscape is your default browser? If so, you can change such settings under the "Set Program Access and Defaults" link (it’s on my start menu, if yours isn't, it can be accessed in Add/Remove area of control panel - left hand side). Hope this helps...
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    Can someone please help me stop my kitten from urinating at the front door!!

    Hi Here is a link to a pet group that I am a member of, they might be able to give you some ideas also.