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    Solved: PHP CLI - general question

    EXPLANATION - (feel free to skip this paragraph) okay i'm brand spanking new to PHP. i'm just trying to learn the language so i can make some kick-butt websites and hopefully generate some adsence revenue. anywho, I bought a domain name and a few books to practice and refer to.. basically right...
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    Logitec Mic Static With Certain Apps

    Works fine in the little default sound recorder that came with windows 7 but when I tried to record something with Adobe Audition 3 and another program called Fruity Loops 8 I get a recurring continuous static every 2 seconds or so for a split second. I've updated all my drivers, got the...
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    premiere 5 choppy avi playback

    it's a screen recording of a game and it plays just fine in a media player and windows live movie maker, but not in premier. when i first import the file it only shows the center of the srceen so i have to lift it. after doing so the videogame portion of the video is like watching a skipping...
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    arrow keys not working.

    my daughter spilled drink on my laptop last night, wiped it up immediately. gave it plenty of time to dry out and restarted it. it beeps a lot and stays at the "press f2 for bios" screen for a really long time. my semantics touch pad randomly turns off and when i'm typing the cursor hops around...
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    black spot and norton going crazy: HJT

    ealier when i was browsing the internet and i got a pop up from norton saying there was something wrong.. i was in a hurry and didn't really read it.. i later downloaded and ran the newest version of spybot s and d. it removed several trackers but ever since then i've had an empty black box in...
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    Convert bitmap to doc files

    depending on the amount of text you want to edit it may just be simplest to use the text editor in mspaint. i've had to do that a few times, sometimes it can be a pain making the text the right size.. just a suggestion.
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    why don't you just just use another photo editor? there's much better stuff than arcsoft out there. like photoshop. i'm thinking you may have a version that isn't compatible with your system. C:/user is definitely from later versions of windows, like 7. in xp, if i'm not mistaken the user files...
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    customize folder

    Why don't you just put your files in different subdirectories in that folder.. like have a folder for your videos, a folder for your music, etc..
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    Solved: Pointer is beeing very anoying!!

    is your system lagging at all or is it just the mouse? my guess is: either your mouse is set to that cursor (click here to learn how to change it back) or perhaps you have something running in the background or it may be related to a memory problem i'm not a computer genius but i would...
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    Transparent Titlebar in FireFox?

    I downloaded a few add-ons to make FireFox look more like Google Chrome (running Windows 7) and it's pretty much perfect except it made the title bar solid blue instead of the default transparent.. are there any add-ons or fixes that will make the title bar transparent or clear?
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    Solved: Fire Fox Icon

    yeah.. i was hoping to be able to do it without downloading any more software but i eventually gave up and used greenfish. that did the trick. thanks for the help cowboy!
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    Solved: Fire Fox Icon

    I haven't been on this site since I was 16 years old. You guys helped me out a lot back then and now I'm having some trouble with the icon I made for FF and I was hoping someone might point me in the right direction. So I just got this new PC running W7, which I am completely unfamiliar...
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    i need table help

    thanks cwwozniak! i think the colspan attribute is what i needed. i haven't had the chance to go back and rebuild my table yet but i think this is what i needed. Thanks for all the help guys.
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    i need table help

    i'm trying to make an imagemap but the site i'm putting it on doesn't allow client side and i lack the knowledge/resources to make a serverside imagemap. so the idea is to cut up my image manually and create a table with the exact same size rows and data cells and fit my images in like a...
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    HJT Log

    my girlfriends computer has been running reeaaly slow lately. can someone take a look for me? also, everytime i open firefox i get a popup asking me to install twitterbar. how do i make it go away?