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    Changing Licensed User in Office XP

    Thanks... that's been bugging me for a while too.
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    Can't read text emails in Outlook

    What does she use to read the emails?
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    NEED IMMEDIATE HELP edited a word attachment without saving, changes gone?

    Try to open the attachment again. Go to File... Save... (but do not save) Note the folder the default is (hopefully you have not changed it since) Try to find it there. If not... try search (Window key + f) by the default file name. If not... sorry, it's either lost completely or buried...
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    File is locked for editing message. How do I get round it?

    Not positive... Right click file Properties Tab Security Give yourself permission You may need the person who created the file to do it.
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    Insert today's date into Formula > SQL Server 2k

    Is it possible to put today's date into the Formula field in the design view of a table? There is a string that includes that field as its prefix. Right now it's just a static value. The rest of the string includes just an incrementing value. For example... the field contains A and the...
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    You could try programs that copy images of your hard drive (eg Norton's Ghost). It will allow you to copy hd-to-hd, a lot like cd-to-cd burn. Or you could just save it as an image like a cd and just store it on your main hard drive. I will warn though that the image will be almost just as large...
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    Seeing gibberish in Excel 2002

    From what I recall... doesn't Office XP have some sort of legacy conversion? I think it was supposed to ask when you first open it. I am pretty sure there should be an option for it.
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    Databse Help Required

    Sorry, but could you please be more specific with your subject line? I find caps a little distracting to read as well. I'm not sure how easy it would be with a large db, but you could... Create a new query Select the table Select the first column and second column Run Go back to...
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    Self taught Crystal Reports.. ???

    I thought self-teaching doesn't require a book... just a lot of trial and error. That's the way I learned it. The Crystal Reports User's guide (not sure if it came with the software) has been quite helpful although I have not done anything strenuous with Crystal Reports.
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    Seeing gibberish in Excel 2002

    What version was the spreadsheet saved in?
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    .NET C#- String to Decimal Conversion - Format exception

    Hey everyone, The code is supposed to take a webservice output which is a string and convert it to a currency string. The only way I learned to get it to work is to convert it to a decimal then convert it back to a string as currency string. This worked fine with all the other webservices...
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    Cannot host a bnet game if two people sharing the same switch.

    Anyone know if Blizzard will be fixing this problem anytime soon?
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    Double IP double bandwidth?

    Thanks guys. I guess this also applies even if two computers use different IPs but same cable line? Right now, I share a router with two other people.
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    Double IP double bandwidth?

    If I get another IP address, will I be able to double my bandwidth? I use a cable service.
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    New To Networking

    I also recommend using a router. Most routers also have simple built in firewalls. This will protect your computer from most harmful viruses. The second wall of defense would be that your computers would be defined by an internal address, thus protecting yourself from those IP sniffing...