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    vaio VGN-NR220E Alps touch pad not working

    Heres my problem I installed a New Keyboard on my laptop and now my alps touch pad will not work . I can use a usb mouse and it works fine did i disable it some how any help out there.
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    NVF files

    Can some direct to a player that will play NVF files . Or tell me how to do it I am running vista thanks bunch.
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    avi files play from cd

    Ok here is my problem I have a camera that records to avi.files and when I put the files on cd and try to play them on another computer they wont play is there a codec or another brand player besides wmp that I can put on cd with the avi.files that will make it work thanks...
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    .avi file wont play in wmp

    Hey have you tried divx codec I had same problem that you had downloaded divx codec and it works like dream and I had to down loaded it on other computers and it worked on them just my solution to the problem I had.
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    Solved: xp3 service pack video problems

    Hello all I need some help ever since I update to XP service pack 3 you tube will not work and msn video player will not work can any one give me fix to it thanks bunch.
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    PDF and Microsoft Word

    I have some software brand name nuance pdf professional 5.1 and when I create a microsoft word document and try to create a pdf fillable form from that it goes directly to my printer and when I change the default program to open with pdf it does nothing can somebody give me some advise on what...
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    turn video right side up

    Can anyone advise if there is a program that let s you correct video that has been filmed upside down and lets you turn it right side up. Thanks
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    avi to cd or dvd

    Hello group I have a little problem I have a pocket dvr and its files are saved as avi files what I need is to burn them on regular cd or dvd and the manufactures says that the avi files can not be converted to any other format is there codec that i can downloaded and put on every time I...
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    codec problems with vista

    Hello group I was wondering could any body help me with a software issue I am needing to watch a sercurity footage from a digital format but vista does not support the format and when I call the company who makes the sercurity software they say Microsoft has to make vista compatible with there...
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    vista and xp

    what about running dual boot system
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    vista and xp

    Good evening group was wondering can a person use an external harddrive to run xp on a vista operating system . thanks
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    roll back vista to xp pro

    Hello group I have tech question I have sony vaio laptop and it has windows vista and I am going to try to roll back to windows xp pro edition I have talk with sony they tell me that my laptop is compatible with xp and my question is do I just put it cd in and enter product key and select...
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    divx converter

    What is the best software for converting Divx to Dvd and all that other formats
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    intel (R)Pro Set

    I have a Dell Latitude D600 laptop and i cant seem to get the wireless lan card to work it says that the protocol is disable and the hardware radio switch is enable and when i go to a public wi-fi hot spot and search for network nothing comes up can somebody please help ...
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    problems with DVD drive

    Sure have tried several and it just says no dvd in drive .