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    share internet using link sys

    the model of the linksys I am using is a 8+1Workgroup Gigaswitch.
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    share internet using link sys

    Hi guys, I have this problem, I want to connect 2 computers on the internet. both computers are connected with each other using LINKSYS, but my main problem is how to connect them to the internet. The model of the LINKSYS is not the wireless type, I think this is just like what they...
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    Adobe Acrobat

    Hi guys, I am quite new with the Adobe Line of Products. I made the Application Form in word, I am planing to buy a Adobe Product, to convert this to a PDF file, and make this downlable in the internet, and also fillable. what must I buy. Thanks
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    How can I combine 2 OS in a PC?

    Hi, I bought a PC from an auction, it runs on Windows 2000, I think its on NT. Problem is that it has a password and I do not know the password. What must I do. Can I just instead install my windows 98 SE, is it possible to do a "dual boot", and how is it done. and is it possible to...
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    MS Access VB Code for Select

    thanks for the advice, Guy, This is what I need, I have been trying DoLookup but it takes forever. Any other sources of code?? I 'll try this.
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    MS Access VB Code for Select

    the function of this search is that it reminds a user that product he entered is already existing. The search process are as follows: 1. Encoder types in the product name 2. if the product name is already existing, a message will appear informing the user that the product exist. 3. if...
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    MS Access VB Code for Select

    HI, I would like to ask for sample codes for a select statement, to be added to my on change details are as follows: 1. Application : MS Access 2000 2. what to I want to do: to find if a product name is on my existing table, and if it is on the table a message box will appear. 3. I...
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    Question On Dates And Others

    sorry about that I am using MS Access
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    Question On Dates And Others

    In my form one of the text box contains a date which I will call date1, what I want to do is to make another text box which I will call date2. date2 will have a date that is 7 years ahead. (ie date1 = 25-APR-2002 date2: 24-apr-2002) I was trying this date2= dateserial(year(date1)+7...
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    help in converting access report to word dcoument

    hi guys, this is my situation: 1. I created an application form using MS Access (reports). 2. I want to convert this to a word document, is this possible. Reason: I want to post the application form over my website and make it downloadable. If not, do you have any suggestions...
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    help on Dlookup

    I need help on a Dlookup; here is my problem: 1. My database is currently in MS Access 2000 2. I created a FORM also using MS Access 2000, wherein the data encoder must enter a name, like John Doe 3. I created a TABLE also using MS Access 2000, wherein it contains a list of names...
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    how can I add the drawing tool bar to MS Access program

    my problem is that I want to add the drawing toolbar (found in MS Word) to the tool bar in MS Access. I want to use the features in the text box item, for a label I am working on.
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    create labels, or link to word

    Would like to know how can I like my fields to a word document or a place where I can print custom labels, size. would anyone know where to buy a custom (irregular size) Label.
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    getting images from scanner

    Problem guys, I bought a new scanner, I want to insert to my table an image scanned on my scanner. My question is that what must I do to make my scanner the default scanner, and when I right click , and click insert object it automatically scans. also can I Past a Picture on a label, or...
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    Help on spell correcting an entered site

    Ok I am planning to put up a website, I wanted to know what must I do to help my client enter my site: Example: my website is (non existing) my Client commits a mistake of typing Is there a way where in even if my client...