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    Solved: Java Installation Problems

    i have used javaRa to remove old java files.
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    I want to go back to XP

    i don't like the new win 8 , what is "classic interface" ?
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    How can I get rid of a program that is not on my uninstall list?

    if you use revo uninstaller , make sure you read it first and only delete the highlighted items.
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    AVG free AVAST free NORTON SECURITY will not open

    first off you should only have one anti virus program installed on your computer. did you use norton's uninstall tool ? run the tool , restart , run the tool the second time.
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    Java installer error...

    have you tried using javaRA to uninstall java ? if not try it ,restart after running it and then install your java.
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    I can't shut down my computer.

    here are 2 site to take a look at.
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    sorry , i just missed typed.
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    a few weeks ago when MSE updated to the new 4.1 , i got this error. " c:\e771755d0cc06d6e10dfdbc56537a8fd\x86\ " . i uninstalled and tried to reinstall but still get the same error. i have installed avira antivirus since then. i would just like to get MSE back.
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    Really Slow Computer

    just look at your ram ,you should have at least 1gb of ram and 2gb is better. i myself run 2gb.
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    Wierd shut down problem

    here are 2 websites to take a look at for shutdown problems. LOL
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    Solved: Microsoft Security Essentials Is RED RED RED

    no thats all i can help you with. iam going to try MSE in a month or so again.
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    New versions of Java available

    what is the difference between the 2 java's ? iam using java 7.4 that i updated fri.
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    Solved: Microsoft Security Essentials Is RED RED RED

    as of now , i only have update & scan logs. i would want a week to delete anything.
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    Solved: Microsoft Security Essentials Is RED RED RED

    the only item i have changed is the time of the scan. listed below is about antivirus and firewalls.i also use spyware blaster ,it is a good free program that keeps a lot of cookie crap out of your system. it has a footprint of over 15k. all you need to do is updated it once a month and enable...
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    Solved: Microsoft Security Essentials Is RED RED RED

    lol with AVG , in the last year or so it got too much stuff with slowed my system way down. as i said i use AVG for many years. i like a fast system that is why i went with MSE and now avira.