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    Make Four Words

    preamble, repeal, marble, leaper keraunoscopia
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    4 Word Story continued (#6)

    and a dog named
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    Change the movie with one word....2

    Five Million Years to Earth
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    Alphabetical Opposites

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    Movie Title Q & A Game

    Isn't She Great? She’s the Man Death at a Funeral?
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    Supermarket Check-Out

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    Word List Game #14

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    A to Z of Items #5

    X is for xyster
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    Angel's "Last Letter of the Word" game #11

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    A -W inside Schools

    G - geometry
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    What's for Dinner......

    Sounds fancy! ;-) I just roasted a chicken. It was quite tasty, though.
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    Live Chat Wednesdays!

    I'm easy. Or simple. Or something ... ;-)
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    Alphabetical Opposites

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    A to Z of Items #5

    V is for vihuela
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    Dotty's Five Letter Word Game #7

    They wouldn't even hazard a guess, eh?