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  • Thank you so much Grandma, I was just telling Dave it has been hanging on and hanging on, but finally it looks like the end of my job is near. This probably means leaving home, doing some travveling and finding another 'young person's' dead end job! Very scary stuff for a guy like me!

    I know its very late news, but how did it go with your daughter? Sounds like a pretty aweful process!
    I wish we were enjoying a very hot and dry summer!, I hope yours is a little better this year!
    Thanks for your visitor message Grandma. Really sorry to hear you are having a such a bad time of it. You are all in my thoughts and I very much hope you all manage to fight through it. Sounds like you are doing a fantastic job not only keeping yourself going and the boys!

    I also very seldomly on here, just trying to keep myself busy with things. (Namely work.) Am doing very well for now, but it has been decided if they can sell the building work is going to be shutdown next year. That will take away my job, and my life.. so not sure what will happen but we will see!

    All the best.
    thank you to those who have been concerned about me. It has been a difficult year. My daughter is still very sick and my husband and I have taken on this added responsibility of helping her and her boys through it. I ask that you all continue to pray for us and thank you so much.
    Hellooo, Grandma 77!
    Long time no speak!. (Which I am really sorry for). I really appreciate your concern as to where I have been after all this time!, Robert left me a message to say people were asking?

    Im going to post a message to everyone in Dave's thread.. but as I just said to him, I really hope you are both well :)
    Matty's fine, He usually busy with his hosting site and also supporting Paltalk group called Computer and Other Things. I'll tell matty to come down at once to tell you all hi and merry xmas to you so you all can know he is ok.
    I just take medication and rest for a while I will try a cool rag and see if it helps thanks for the suggestion
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