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    Solved: premiere pro titles and compression

    Alright, figured it out. There is a box in the advanced render window under the keyframing tab. the box is called "optimize stills" and i unchecked it and there ya go. works fine thanks for the help
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    Solved: premiere pro titles and compression

    hmm, i know the celeron is least now i do. i had an amd athalon xp 2000+ or somthing like that, it ran at 1.6ghz and ran well. i got this at 2.3 ghz cause it was cheap. gues it really was cheap in two ways. but i have two drives, so i guess i can put my videos onto the other one...
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    Solved: premiere pro titles and compression

    ok, ive tested it a couple times in various spots and lenghts, the long ones killed due to the rendering time...abt 30 min for 1 min 30 sec of film...but it ran smoothly so i think i'll buckle down, boot up my xbox and play games for the two hours it takes to render the whole thing. i guess...
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    Solved: premiere pro titles and compression

    not keyframing for the titles. later on in the movie i do, but not in the first titles. the reason i think its a compressing problem is because it works (poorly) with quicktime. right now im rendering with quicktime but a better compression program, i'll post if it works out at all. -thanks
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    Solved: premiere pro titles and compression

    i have made many movies that have worked in premiere, but this one has had me stumped for a few days. I have a title that comes in with the music, then another title that comes in after a little delay, in step with the music. the problem is that when i render it, both titles come in at once...
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    win media player green screen

    every once in a while when i play movies in win media player, it shows a half second then the movie goes green and the cpu usage boosts up to high 80's im wondering if this is a common problem and if there is a common fix. win xp sp1 (if sp2 is the fix then dont bother answering) =P geforce...
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    New Comp not up to par

    the reason im not using the copy i had is because i "had" it. i dont know where it is, might be in my dads work, anyway. it would be odd to close this thread because i never said it was an illegal copy, i just said the validity was causing problems, which it was. and i actually got it going a...
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    New Comp not up to par

    ya, i did a clean install, no i dont have another 300 bucks for a copy of windows, i owned one once then i reinstalled and it wouldnt work, too many installs so i went back to being bad. i was afreaid of the celeron thing, i dont know what i was thinking going for that when i was happy with my...
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    Online but cannot browse

    can you get onto the adaware site? if you can download that and run it. should help considerably. also if you are running IE try downloading mozilla's firefox from
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    New Comp not up to par

    i originally had these specs: 1.6 Ghz AMD Athalon XP dont remember stuff about the motherboard, it was nice i guess. 512 MB Ram 100 GB FAT32, for backupfiles 120 GB NTFS *edit*(glad i changed that, god i sound ignorant)** for main proccessing 128 MB ATI All-in-wonder Creative Sound...
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    system problems....please help quick

    is it a hard freeze or a basic freeze? can you still change numlock on and off? does anything else happen? any warnings. what pops up when you restart?
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    Where can I download the newest version of IE safely?

    i realize that the point of this site is to answer peoples questions...but should we also inform people of things that may be lacking in security etc. if you have a specific need for IE then so be it, but if you just want to update it for web browsing, than i think the best route to go would be...
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    Home page keeps changing-

    try making the switch over to firefox better security and built in popup stopper
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    Wireless Networking Problem

    interference? if your on a laptop, try moving to different parts of the office/house. it may be that your computer is just in a dead spot and the signal is too weak to read. -gtard
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    Lan to Internet problems

    please post your solution...i have found that is the basis of this people can learn from others