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Nov 12, 2018 at 8:09 PM
Jul 3, 2004
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Male, 65, from Fraser Valley Area of B.C.

Howdie back. Long time no hear..... Mar 26, 2016

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Nov 12, 2018 at 8:09 PM
    1. Guyzer
      Howdie back. Long time no hear.....
    2. twinofangelize56
    3. twinofangelize56
      Happy Belated Birthday! :)
    4. twinofangelize56
      I haven't been to that other place in awhile. I think about you often. I hope all is well with you and yours. *hugs*
    5. twinofangelize56
      Long time no see..... so to speak. Hope all is well in your world. :)
    6. sweets1981

      I am trying to
    7. sweets1981
      Miss talking to you!
    8. sweets1981
      Thanks I am still worried about some of them over there.. Even though I didn't do anything they still will believe others instead of me. So I just walked away. :(

      You are welcome. :D
    9. sweets1981
      Aww thanks, I am still a little gun shy about over there so.. I will stick to saying hi alternative ways :).

      Things are going good here. I am just home sick.. nothing new about that though.
    10. sweets1981
      I hope you are doing well! Have a good day!
    11. sweets1981
      Yes I am hoping going home makes me feel like myself, but you never know.

      I am not sure going back to you know where is in my future, there are some unresolved things that happened that I am not sure I can forgive or forget, or that others would get over :(.

      I know there are lots who miss me. I try to keep in contact to some of them.

      I will tell the old fart you said hello :).

      I hope all is good to the west! :D
    12. sweets1981
      Hello you!

      I hope you are doing well! All's well here.. just getting ready for a trip home and a wedding. Lots of things going on here.. Liam is almost 15 months, walking, running and starting to talk.
    13. hannab
      Good Morning....just jumping on while drinking my coffee before I head off to church...isn't it real early for you? Hope you have a relaxing day.:)
    14. Guyzer
      Wow. I see at least 3 mods visited this page recently. Could it have been because of something I said in the thread about Canadian soldiers? :D
    15. Guyzer
      Hexmark you disappoint me. You said I was on ignore but it seems I'm not. You have to be one of the dumbest people I have ever come across. You can't even get one of your own threats to work.
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