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    Solved Can't open browser

    Have you tried? Boot into Safe Mode with Networking Restart your computer and start pressing the F8 key on your keyboard. Select the Safe Mode with Networking option when the Windows Advanced Options menu appears, and then press ENTER. Will the browser stay open from this mode?
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    transfer of data from old xp to new windows 10

    Windows Easy Transfer’ is a built-in tool of Windows Operating Systems to transfer files and personal settings from one computer to another. but it seems not available in Windows 10, if you do not mind spending money, most of the paid backup utilities will do the job neatly, these personal home...
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    Solved Can add files to microSD card but can't delete them on phone

    Here are some good tips on how to "unlock" a locked flash drive:
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    Solved Are Malware Different For Different Operating Systems?

    Operating Systems are Meaningless to Malware Developers
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    help i formatted my sd card

    Very first thing, make sure that the sd card is no longer used. If you wrote over the old files they are gone. Use Recuva or EaseUS data recvoery, they might be able to find your pictures.
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    PC Settings won't open

    Boot Windows 8.1 in Safe Mode and see if you are able to access PC Settings.
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    Please help I need it fixed for school

    Pulle the battery out waited then reinserted, it may works after that.
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    need to roll back from win 10 to win 7

    Check to see if you can restore your PC to factory settings. This will reinstall the version of Windows that came with your PC and remove personal files, apps and drivers you installed, and any changes you made to settings. Go toSettings > Update & security > Recovery > Reset this PC > Get...
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    Hard drive not detected.

    If Windows doesn’t see your drive at all, it’s possible there’s a hardware issue with your computer’s USB port, a driver problem with your Windwos computer, or you may just have a dead drive. Unplug the drive from your USB port and try plugging it into another USB port on your computer. If the...
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    Windows 7 Freezes up after 10 minutes

    Let me know if it works for you. 1. entered BIOS on boot up and instructed it to boot from a USB drive and not the HHD. 2. when the computer boots it now says "no operating system found - press CTRL-ALT-DEL" 3. the next thing to do is manually direct the boot up to the hard drive. Your machine...
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    Computer shuts itself down

    Maybe it is hardware related issues.
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    Solved move video from phone to laptop

    You can import all videos to your computer through Windows' import tool. there's also the option of using third-party software to help you transfer video to your computer.
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    Problem 0x000007b at startup gta

    Download the All In One Runtimes then install it on your PC, this software will removed and fix all error and bugs from your Windows.
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    HDD shows up in BIOS but not disk management?

    If the drives show up in bios, they may have a file system on them, or the remnants of a file system on them that prevents Windows from seeing them in any way. Wipe them from DOS using a bootable usb, and a utility to wipe the drives(boot and nuke, etc, there are tons available, Google) then...
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    How Do I convert word document to JPG

    Open your document and zoom out until you see the whole document. Go to "Start" > "All Programs" > "Accessories" > "Snipping Tool" Click and drag the box over the document. Save as what ever you want.