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    How best to image an XP partition?

    I was just reading about Clonezilla. Anyone have an opinion about it? Thanks
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    How best to image an XP partition?

    I have an XP machine (XP Pro SP3) running a critical application. If anything ever happens to this computer I can never get that application back. I need to create a backup just in case... in the old days I used to image XP partitions using a Ghost Casting Boot CD but that isn't working. It...
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    How can I use my private ssh key in Terminal on Mac?

    On Windows I can use Putty to initiate an ssh session and point to my private key in the connection setup. How can I start a session on a Mac and still use my private key for authentication? Thanks.
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    Is there a data plan priced per GB but not per month?

    I have a remote cabin and would like to put one security cameras there so I could check on things. But I don't want to pay monthly for data when the camera is going to sit there month after month doing nothing. Is there a data plan where I can buy a chunk of data that wouldn't expire until I...
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    Can I tell if my flash drive has been copied?

    Hello... is there any way to prepare a flash drive so that if any content has been copied from it I will be able to know it? For that matter could I set it up in such a way that I would know if someone has imaged the whole drive? Thanks.
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    Serial terminal emulator problem

    Hello. At my workplace we have a lot of automation controllers (all the same model) that are configurable by terminal emulator. With XP I always used Hyperterminal and never had any problems. Today I connected with several controllers using a Win 7 laptop and PuTTY, and on some of the devices...
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    Can a Windows 10 key be used for a lesser edition?

    For example, could I use a W10 Pro key I own to install W10 Home? Or a W10 Education edition key to install W10 Pro?
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    RDP logon remotely disconnects user already logged on...

    Normally on my Windows (7) domain, if I remote into a machine where someone is already logged in, they get logged off when I knock them off. There's one computer, though, that disconnects the user instead of logging them off. This causes problems because some applications' licenses allow only...
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    Need a parallel port on a machine with only USB

    Hi, I am trying to use a software which uses a dongle that fits a parallel port. I have tried a USB-DB25 cable but it doesn't show up as a port, it is a USB device in the device mgr. Has anyone here accomplished something like this? How would I make this adapter be a true virtual parallel...
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    Need help transferring program files to floppy

    Hello... I have a program that installs with a 5 disk set of installation floppies. The disks were copied to a flash drive and I need to copy them back to floppies to use them. I tried just copying and pasting the files but the install only ran a little bit and quit recognizing the disks. Is...
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    Looking for remote controlled audio player...

    ... that can be triggered to play by a contact closure? For example I'd like to play a pre-recorded message when a switch closes. Thanks
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    Hard drive power supply adapter burned up... now what?

    I have a LaCie Grand hard drive, and while plugged in the power supply tip smoked and melted inside the charging port of the drive enclosure. Using 2 small screwdrivers I got all the goo and charcoal out, then plugged in another power supply. The drive mounted and I got all my data out...
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    Power supply substitution question

    I have an external hard drive with a power supply as follows: Input 100-240 vac, mac amps = 0.5 Output 12vdc, max amps = 1.5 That power supply has now failed, but I have another one with the following specs: Input 100-240 vac, max amps = 0.65 Output 12vdc, max amps = 2 The adapters...
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    Can 3g phone operate on 4g?

    I see that T mobile currently has a $50 unlimited 4g prepaid plan. This looks good to me, I'm only wondering if my 3g phone will operate on this network. Any advice? Thanks
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    ide/usb adapter question

    Hi all... I am attempting to connect a Maxtor hard drive to my PC via an IDE-USB adapter. I get the bubble (in XP) that the mass storage device is recognized and ready to use but it doesn't show up as a drive. What are some alternative ways I could try to connect to it? Thanks.