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    avi files

    use MediaInfo (: (in the sourceforge link) when you have it open just go file->open>file browse to the file and double left click it and under where it says "First video stream" it'll say what the AVI is encoded with, in my example of a movie i checked it's MPG-4, see: in most, if not all...
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    avi files

    whoops, my bad, silly me being on my xp machine went straight through and gave you steps for it just on here (x the actual name for the icon would be "Sound" but it wouldn't be under that tab, as opposed to how XP is setup just use mediainfo and see what codec is required, VLC afaik comes with...
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    avi files

    you may not have the specific codecs required, depending on what the video was encoded with.. control panel->sounds and audio devices, click on the hardware tab, scroll down to video codecs, click on it, click properties, move to properties tab in new dialo box, paste here whats in that list...
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    Consistent BSOD on startup and sometimes a bit into use (x64, VISTA HomePrem SP1)

    Hi, Before I go into details, i'd like to say that i'm currently downloading SP2 as I type this to see if it resolves ANY issue. I doubt it will, since this problem has not occured before, and my last Windows Update was a few months ago, after I cleared a nasty virus (AV2K10) from my comp with...