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    Question about ether cards

    Ok here's my problem. I want to bring my compter over to my cousins house to use with their cable internet connection. They said something about an "ether card". I don't know what this is or really anything about cable connection (I have dial-up). I don't think I have an ether card so I want...
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    Codec problems

    Thanks you guys. I'll try those out as soon as a get a chance. Where did you find the 7.1 media player? I could only find it in every other language besides english. As I understand it (and this could be wrong) but isn't version 7.1 the newest for windows 98? ~Jessie
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    Codec problems

    I'm having trouble playing avi files on my computer. When I try to play them in media player it trys to download the codecs but says it can't install them. I have done what it tells me to do in help. I've downloaded Divx which doesn't even start up. I have also tried to find the new version...
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    Mic problems

    I can't get my mic to work when I'm talking to someone in msn messenger. I can hear them but my mic just won't work. It works when I use sound recorder. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jessie
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    Problems with avi files

    I'm not sure which version to download. This whole codec thing confuses me. I can view the video but I don't get any sound. My brother had the same problem & he downloaded a codec but can't remember where he got it from or where it is now. Thanks, Jessie
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    Can anyone recomend some cool & different fonts. I'd prefer free ones. Also a side question how do you make fonts? Jessie
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    Problems with avi files

    I spent all this time downloading two avi files only to find I can't play them. When I try to use windows media player I get this error message: Unable to download an appropriate decompressor. (Error=80040200) Unable to download an appropriate decompressor. (Error=80040200) Unable to...
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    Finding things on my computer

    Does anyone know if there is anyway that I can find out what someone is doing on my computer if I am away. Like finding out was was downloaded and what was deleted. I would be grateful for any help. Thanks.
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    Sessions lost on CD

    I have an Adaptec Create CD and I was adding a new session to my data CD and when I went to play it all that was listed was what was in my last session. I can't play or view the other sessions. Does anyone know how I can get them back? HMBLMX
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    Restoring deleted files

    Thanks for all the suggestions I have never received so much feed-back from a message board. I tried the Drive rescue and it work. So thanks everyone. HMBLMX
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    Restoring deleted files

    Is there anyway to restore files that have been deleted from the recycle bin? Or to find a list of file names that have been deleted?