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    Justify in Word 2000

    How do I set up justification as the default. Each time I type a letter, I have to highlight the letter to set the justification I want. I would like to set this up as a default value. Thanks.
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    Auto save in Excel 2000

    How can I turn off the auto save feature as the default in this program. I know I can go into tools/autosave for each sheet, but I don't know how to turn it off as the default setting. Thanks.
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    Vnetbios.vxd.... Help !

    You can try looking here....
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    Do I have a virus on my computer?

    I keep getting a message that there are updates ready to be installed, but if I click on that icon, all I see is an update that I previously installed. I ran a hijack log which I will show below. Any help would be appreciated. thank you. Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.0 Scan saved at 6:56:21...
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    Need help with Internet E-Mail error message

    How do I get into the proper screens to see what information is entered there, or to go about correcting it? Thanks.
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    Need help with Internet E-Mail error message

    When I turn on my computer and click on internet explorer, I get a box that pops up that says " The SMPT server name you specified cannot be found. Please check the name and try again". I use the internet via a T-1 connection. I can click the cancel button, and everything else works fine. I...
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    Generic ink cartridges

    I have an Epson printer. Has anyone tried using generic black ink cartridges? Thanks.
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    Win 98 - Certain prog do not open - HELP

    Thank you for your reply. I tried following all of the instructions, but have run into a problem. I get all the way up to the point where I need to scan in safe mode. I open up Symantic Aniti-Virus Corp. Edition. As soon as I click on "scan", i get an error message that says VPC32 program...
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    Win 98 - Certain prog do not open - HELP

    I am running Win 98 SE. When I turned on my computer today, a few programs that were on my desktop did not run. The first thing I did was to run: 1. Spybot 2. Adaware 3. Virus check from both Symantic and Trend Online All of the above showed no problems. I also noticed that if I...
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    Music from a DVD to a CD.Can it be done??

    Thanks. DVD Audio Ripper seems to be exactly what I need. Thanks again.
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    Music from a DVD to a CD.Can it be done??

    Thank you for those links. It does look to me, however, that those programs will make the backup so the CD will play in a DVD drive. It does not say whether the burned CD will play in a CD player. Do youknow if this is actually the case? Thanks.
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    Music from a DVD to a CD.Can it be done??

    I bought a DVD of an Eric Clapton concert today. The DVD is so good, I would like to copy the songs onto my computer, then make an audio disk so I can listen to it in my car. I have a few questions: 1. Is this legal, since I already own the dvd and can't obviously use the cd and the dvd at the...
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    Inernet Exolorer Security Protection Question

    After updating to XP Home plus Service pack 2, I keep getting the same error message. For example, I downloaded digital pictures from my digital camera to my computer, but when I opened Photoloader to view the pictures, I got this message: " To help protect security, internet explorer has...
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    How do you save DVD audio to your computer?

    I have a copy of The Band's Last Waltz, which has been recorded in 5.1 Multichannel advanced resolution, and this music can only be played on a DVD player, not a CD player. Since I have both on my computer, does anyone know of a way to record the audio, and then save it to my computer or IPOD...
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    Winsync error..please help

    I did a search on the net, and after doing that, I restarted in safe mode, and deleted these two files: Syncroad.exe Winsync.exe The problem did not reoccur when I restarted normally. Are there any other things that should be fixed based on my Hijack This log? Thanks.