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  • Hello Hugh; I fixed my HP problem! I went to HP support and there was a download, Utility Diagnostic, downloaded and ran it. It said my printer was not my default , even tho at Printers & devices it was default. It asked if it should "fix" it, I said yes,fixed! HP actually has caused TWO problems for me, with their "routine" downloads. First time it knocked out Wireless connection between PC and printer, I could still print but the PC did not recognize printer! Had to connect a USB cable to my "wireless" printer to fix their damage. This latest problem happened after another "routine" download, printer worked perfectly before that. Their download changed default printer, and as I said the two printer icons both said Printer/Fax. But A-ok now, I wanted you to know to assist others.
    Thanks again! Steve F.

    I found the post you suggested, read the entire thing and checked my computer.

    Had already done everything they had done BUT will post another post showing it.

    So far, nothing works.
    Hello Hugh:

    Just wanted you to know that:

    1. Can't find the thread you referred me to
    2. Had read it before I joined your forum. Did not address my problem which was why I joined the forum.
    3. I have read (and downloaded) the Guide

    Just letting you know so you know I am not wasting your time.

    Thank you.
    Hughv, Sorry have not got to work on machine yet.Been on vacation with family(gone to coast for fishing).Noticed on your web page you where in Vietnam,I was also there in 68-69.Bong Son mostly.and yes you are older than me BUT not by much(62)Hope you don't mind me messaging you this way but though a little to much personal info for a tech forum. Will try to finish up on my PC soon. Have a good productive day!!!!! and THANKS AGAIN
    I'm not sure how I deleted my own message, so I'll try again.
    Lots of people have asked about scanning services, so here's some info:
    "So if you, like millions before you, have a collection of prints somewhere, it’s probably crossed your mind that they really ought to be scanned — converted into digital files, both for protection and for ease of displaying. In that case, you, like millions before you, have probably even decided when you’ll do all that scanning: someday."
    Original Times Article:

    Recommended site:
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