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    Printing Quality Low Intensity

    Hi there, i don't know what the reason of my OS WIn7 print in low quality printing Ink even i set in Printer Preference > Print Quality > High or Standard or Fast in same result. Color Intensity is set to Maximum in Manual. Effect tab is not set anything. Before this i use OS XP3 print very...
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    Unable renew public IP through CMD

    I need to renew Public IP because, my downloading reach to daily limits. So need to renew Public IP to get through. There are some continuesly download program able to use IF i have the renew batch file. So firstly i have to make sure my Network Card can renew through via CMD.
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    Unable renew public IP through CMD

    Please see screenshot below :- By indranx at 2010-12-30 By indranx at 2010-12-30 By indranx at 2010-12-30 By indranx at 2010-12-30 I don't know how to check it PPPoE Authentication method selection.
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    Unable renew public IP through CMD

    Yes, my old modem need computer to handle PPPoE authentication. But new modem unable :( Any possibilities?
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    Unable renew public IP through CMD

    Yea, is private IP. I want to renew Public IP through CMD. I know the "Check Public IP" on browser & modem status. Rasdial /DISCONNECT worked but, Rasdial mynetwork myaccount [email protected] not connect and says, C:\Documents and Settings\Indran>rasdial mynetwork [email protected]
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    Unable renew public IP through CMD

    Hi there, anyone can solve my problem? Im using Aztech DSL 705E Modem. I need to renew my public IP address through CMD command easily. Previously im using some other model of Aztech modem, able to do so... but now unable. This modem got selection on LAN setting = DHCP Mode...
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    Toshiba Satelllite 1410/14154 laptop won't boot up

    because main system file corrupted cause of upgrading half way disconnected. try re formating..
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    Solved: Downloading Forms

    Okie what browser you are using ?
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    Printing script??

    Uninstall printer driver and re-install. 1. Go to Device Manager 2. Remove your printer list from Port (COM & LPT) 3. Restart ur machine. 4. Install back ur driver. Please post your updates :)
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    Wierd characters

    Something new for my knowledge. HEHEHE.. i never heard this kind of problem before.
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    Deleted RECYCLER folder on USB flash drive...

    So why not u format your USB again? It will come back rite? Or borrow from ur buddies and get the files for fast solution. :) And just share it with us :).... MicroCenter, sorry i don't have it. I use Kingston 1GB stick.
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    System Properties/device manager

    Do you have Motherboad CD? Download for Audio/Vga Driver and install it/update it. While you install XP, thought its missing/skipped..
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    Extend RAM

    Practice always clear your RAM cache.
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    XP home share size limit?

    proper privilages and to contact my system admin Seems this message. Give me a try man, go to :- 1. Start Menu 2. Administrator Tools 3. Local Security Settings > Local Policies > User Rights Assignments. 4. At Right side check with Access this computer from the Network...
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    Desktop icons, start menu & taskbar have disappeared

    Heh..heh..heh.. welcome.... :up: :up: